Do Male Celebrities Wear False Eyelashes?

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 722 total views “Eyelashes are for anyone who wishes to wear them. They have nothing to do with gender”. This is the present-day eyelash hook statement. Today false eyelashes are not Just Gal-thing men are empowering their eyelids with fluttery, dark frills around the world. Male celebs are wearing false lashes; there are no doubts about it. In fact, they have […]

How To Customize False Lashes by Yourself

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 654 total views So you want to get creative with your eyes. You’ve tried the eye shadow hacks you could think of, but something still feels missing. Even your eyelashes seem too conventional. But do you know you can still get creative with it? I bet you don’t know that or you won’t be reading this. Do you also know that […]

A Guide to All Type of False Lashes Looks

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 680 total views Wearing false lashes is an everyday game now. You don’t have to wait for the events, celebrations to look lush-lash. Lash artistry is grown up to such an extent that you have limitless options to select a falsie for your favorite false lash look. Smooth, dramatic, glamorous, or vibrant, nothing left behind when you think of fake lashes. […]

What Size False Lashes are Best?

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 796 total views We are well aware of fake lash magic. They can promptly open up eyes and make them gorgeous. One frustrating thing is, which size is the best. There are countless lash sizes available in the market. Some go for longer fuller lashes some may choose lesser drama. While choosing the size of lashes, keep in mind best fake […]

Why Do Your Fake Eyelashes Look Ridiculous

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 1,448 total views In the realm of beauty, false lashes may be scary. They give you an intense appearance and appear to be exceedingly tough to wear and pull off. However, if you are fascinated by the notion of fake lashes, you might want to give them a try. Don’t let your fears stop you from trying them! They may appear […]

Are Fake Lashes Bad for You?

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 686 total views Falsies were once the domain of only the wealthy and distinguished. They have adorned the lids of Hollywood’s elite, inspiring both admiration and derision. False lashes are now accessible to the general public, allowing you to achieve a glam appearance that rivals any celebrity. If you are curious about false eyelashes harmful to your natural lashes, the answer […]

Which Kind of Fake Lashes is Easy to Apply?

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 634 total views One of the few things that can boost your confidence is a having good pair of falsies eyelashes that can be fixed easily. Having a good pair of easy-to-fix falsies lashes is good because can save you a lot of time when doing your make. They will make you look flawless without putting in too much effort. Easy […]

6 Doll Beauty Lashes You Definitely Want To Have

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 603 total views Doll Beauty Lashes are the trend these days. As their name says, they doll up your eyes stunningly to revamp the outlook of your makeup. These false lashes enhance the charm around your eyes by intensifying the thickness and length of your natural lashes, thus making them one of the best makeup tools ever to exist. You can […]