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How to Use False Eyelashes to Copy Your Favorite Celebrity Look

How to Use False Eyelashes to Copy Your Favorite Celebrity Look

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Fake eyelashes are makeup accessories for adding more glam o your look. Even celebrities are not left behind in this moving rain. They seem to champion false eyelashes and wear them better. Celebrities like Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, J Lo, and Nicki Minaj (can’t forget the queen of false eyelashes herself) amongst others seem to be in the spotlight when it comes to eyelashes. There are several options for eyelashes. There are winged lashes, cat eyes, and full lashes, all of them natural-looking fake eyelashes. Now there are the new ones with decals. Thanks to pop culture and its celebrities, these falsies are now a trend.

When you see these stars, with falsies on, you get jealous (holy jealousy). It happens to the best of us. You’d wish it were possible to exchange eyes with them. But if wishes were horses….

The good news is that you can now wear your eyelashes to mimic them. You just need a few tutorials on how to go about it, hence this article.

This post contains a guide on how to use your eyelashes to copy your favorite celebrity look. Read on to find out more!

Choose Quality False Eyelashes Without Breaking The Bank

Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B) loves her lashes full and wears two different eyelash brands. But surprisingly, her lashes cost between 7USD to 20 USD. Who would have thought he has a net worth of $84.5 million according to Forbes.

Appearanz Allure 3D fake eyelashes are a replica of the kind of lashes Cardi B wears. It costs around 8 USD and works fine for copying her look. Just like the falsie, she wore to the 2018 Met Gala, Appearanz lashes can be reused, up to 25 times.

allure-3d-faux-mink-lash (1)

Curler your lashes before applying the lashes

Lash curling before falsies, is a trick common to all celebrities and for good reasons. When you do this, your natural lashes get curler and allow the falsie to sit well on it. Plus it is easier to apply false eyelashes on well-curled lashes. Appearanz eyelash curler kit goes best with the Appearanz lashes.


Choose the correct length

One secret of Jennifer Lopez’s lashes is the length. She always wears lashes of the right length. Another of her eyelash hack is that she cleanses her eyelids with makeup remover and makes sure they are completely dry before wearing her falsie.

Full-length eyelashes are easy to place on the natural eyelashes but at the same time, make sure to measure them before applying them.

Your lashes should fit the inner corner of your eye perfectly just at the origin of your natural eyelashes.  If possible, cut them to fit your eyelid correctly.


Prime your eyelashes

Honestly, I don’t if there is a primer that can do what Kim’s concealer does for her eyelashes. There are three things Kim Kardashian does to her lashes you may want to copy too. First, she bends the falsie into a u-shape after applying glue to it. “The aim here is to make the lash take the shape of the eyelids when placed on it”.

After bending the strip, carefully place it on your lashes beginning from the inner corner of your eyes. You can an applicator or tweezers to do it. Remember to look down while applying it with a mirror placed between your elbows on a flat surface. Press the lashes along the natural curves of your eyelid and leave them on there to dry for a moment.

Another eyelash trick Kim Kardashian uses is that she uses double-adhesive hack. Ever wonder why her lashes last longer? She applies glue on her natural lashes and on the fake eyelashes.

Lastly, she primes her lower lashes before wearing mascara to make it pop. You can have your upper lashes looking chic and the lower one looking bland.

Finish off with mascara

Yea, falsies can make your eye pop, but in between, you want it to look as natural as possible. This is where the mascara comes in. Apart from priming your lower lashes with concealer and applying mascara on them to make them pop, you also need mascara on your upper lash. An up-close look at Katy Perry’s eyes and you’d get the whole gist. She lines her eyes to hide flaws in her lash application. She does that before wearing the falsie. After applying the false eyelash, she uses mascara to close up her natural lashes to the fake lashes. You should try that too.

Get creative with your lashes

Lady Gaga uses eyelashes of two different lengths. If you want your lashes voluminous like hers, with similar length, you should try her trick. It is called eyelash stacking. The lashes of different lengths are combined to create a full effect on the eyes. But be sure that the lashes fit your eye perfectly and go well with your makeup. Appearanz has eyelashes of lengths that can be stacked. Do well to try their lashes for Lady Gaga’s look.

Remove your false eyelashes like Eva Longoria

Eva has made us understand that your eye makeup doesn’t end with you wearing false eyelashes. It ends with you taking it off correctly at the end of the day.

Eva’s big secret is warm water and makeup remover. First, remove the lashes with a Q-tip dipped in an oil-free makeup remover. Next is to wash with warm water to remove the glue remnants.

Oil-based makeup remover may cause the lashes not to stick on properly if oil is attached to them.

After removing the lashes, soak them in the makeup remover to remove the glue adhered to them. You want the lashes looking new by the time you use them again.

Bottom Line

Copying your favorite celebrity with how you use your false eyelash is not as difficult as it seems, you just need the right kind of lashes and lash tools. Appearanz online store got you covered. Visit the website to make a purchase today!

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