Is it Weird to Wear False Eyelashes When You’re Not Wearing Makeup?

Is it Weird to Wear False Eyelashes When You’re Not Wearing Makeup?

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Do you want to look like a diva without wearing a lot of makeup?

If you’re tired of that boring powdering, concealing, contouring, and thinking to switch it from glitz and glam to natural yet elegant that you can pull off on daily basis. If you want to win the show in seconds despite your tough schedule. If you love makeup but can’t wear it as it triggers your acne, scars, and dark spots. If you are allergic to mascara and other eye makeup products and still want to look like a vixen or starlet then you should be grateful to false lashes.

Wear false eyelashes, add some drama and volume to your eyes, boost your confidence, look aesthetic, and boom! You’re good to go.

Less is more.

Sharp eyebrows, winged eyeliner, full coverage foundation, and bold contouring. Kick out these typical beauty standards set by a few Instagram models when you can look more than a piece of cake with just a pair of falsies. Your eyes can be the star of the show without using high-end mascaras and eyeshadows if you have applied high-quality volume lashes in the right way. Leave aside other makeup products, instead of pop on a pair of eyelashes and feel like a million bucks within no time.  Eyelashes add definition and length to your eyes by giving them extra volume and thickness. Always focus on “Less is more” when you are struggling to overcome the morning rush to save your time.

What does no makeup mean?

No makeup refers to two different looks. Some people skip foundation and concealer. They only apply eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. Others skip all makeup products and use only sunscreen to add a little shine and protection to their skin. Eyelashes are “game changers” in both cases. Whether you choose a full glam or a decent look, false eyelashes applied by the right techniques can do wonders for your eyes. In addition to their youthful impact on the face, false lashes are surprisingly very beneficial for your natural lashes. Mascaras can make your eyelashes clumpy, brittle, and weak and falsies can save you here. If you’re recovering from lash extensions that take time, false eyelashes are a great option to hold your look together.

Things to consider while wearing lashes.

Have you decided to wear false lashes without putting on heavy makeup? There are few things to keep in mind while wearing them. First of all, it is important to see whether you’re using individual eyelashes or strip eyelashes, which one you choose depends on what you want to wear and how you want to wear them. Secondly, your eye shape decides which eyelash will look greater on you.

Purpose of strip lashes without makeup.

Strip eyelashes are easy to apply, give a natural look, and intensify your eye shape. With strip eyelashes, you can rock on your natural dewy no-makeup look with little effort. But longer and thicker eyelashes look weird and give clear contrast between them and the rest of the face. You will look odd with such long strands hanging around your whole eye with no other makeup around.

Purpose of individual lashes without makeup.

Individual lashes require experience and few techniques and those who want to get a subtle look can wear them even without makeup. Individual lashes give a more natural look on bare faces as compared to strip lashes.  Individual lashes are ideal if you have thin and short natural lashes and want to make them look thicker and fuller. They blend well with your natural lashes, especially the small and thin lashes that do not look fake.

Apply false lashes exactly on your lash line to make them look real. You can apply a thin line of eyeliner on the strip to cover its base and remove the contrast.

Can I apply false lashes without eyeliner?

Of course, you can apply them without eyeliner. False lashes don’t naturally blend in with your natural lashes.  Individual false lashes are the best option if you want to apply lashes without applying eyeliner as they present less problem with visible strips and can give a more natural look. As you know all false lashes are directly linked to a single strip that you attach exactly on your lash line to kill the contrast. Your best bet? Curl your natural lashes with a mascara brush so that false strands merge well with your natural lashes. Use transparent glue to attach the strip to your lash line and press the strip until it completely attaches to your upper waterline to camouflage the application site. If the strip is black and your skin is white, it will automatically look like a black line but if your skin is black or brown then the strip will merge more easily giving the appearance of natural lashes popping out from the skin.

Tricks to apply false eyelashes without eyeliner.

People usually apply eyeliner on the lash line to cover the edges, visible strips, and other imperfections. While applying lashes without eyeliner, you need a few tips and tricks for flawless application and to dodge the mess.

Step 1. Buy the accessories.

Take a pair of false lashes, a pair of scissors and tweezers, and a lash glue according to your skin color.

Step 2. Trimming.

If you’re applying individual lashes, you don’t need trimming.  But if you’re using strip lashes, buy more than one inexpensive pair of lashes as it takes many tries to get it done right. Attach the false lash to your lash line to get an idea about the length, mark the place, hold it in front of your eye, and cut the strip to the extent that it doesn’t overlap and fit snugly to your eyelid.

Step 3. Apply the glue.

By using a glue applicator, apply the glue on the strip of the eyelash. Make sure to not spread it on strands and apply it on the whole strip to attach it completely. Let it dry for 20-30 seconds.

Step 4. Apply the eyelash.

Use a handheld mirror, place it under you so that you don’t look straight into the mirror. Hold your lash with the help of tweezers from one corner, place it exactly at the middle of your lash line, press it then press both edges until they attach to their place. Don’t close your eyes while applying lashes as it will change the shape of your eyes.

Now you don’t need to fuss with complicated eyeshadow palettes because you can rely on your false eyelashes to create an impact that is far greater when you’re wearing a lot of makeup.

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