Mink or Silk False Lashes – Which Are Better?

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 888 total views The eyes are one characteristic that adds value to the beauty of an individual. It was recognized long ago in the beauty industry that this field of the face is way more important. A range of products and treatment options were designed to improve the attraction of the eyes. However, false eyelashes are at the win as they […]

Before and After Eyelashes: How to Get the Look You Want

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 1,532 total views Do you want to know how to get the perfect eyelashes? Whether you’re looking for natural-looking lashes or something more dramatic, we can help. This blog post will discuss the different eyelashes and achieve the look you want. We’ll also discuss some of the best products on the market for achieving beautiful lashes. So whether you’re just starting […]

Applying Amazing False Eyelashes in Seven Steps

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 1,035 total views We have a great love and desire to wear fake lashes, but what stops us from doing that? Most of us will reply, applying them is very hard and tricky. But trust me, once you are determined to learn to apply them you will not regret it. It’s just a trial and error game. To learn the art […]

What are Wispy Lashes? Why Choose Them?

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 1,572 total views The latest Wispy Lashes trend has taken over the beauty world. Who would not like to give a boost to eyes with a feathery, fuller dark fringe? Take a look around you, at all the celebrities, Instagram influencers, promoting the trend. Wispy fake eyelash looks are becoming every girl’s dream. What are wispy lashes?  Wispy lashes are feathery […]

Do Male Celebrities Wear False Eyelashes?

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 721 total views “Eyelashes are for anyone who wishes to wear them. They have nothing to do with gender”. This is the present-day eyelash hook statement. Today false eyelashes are not Just Gal-thing men are empowering their eyelids with fluttery, dark frills around the world. Male celebs are wearing false lashes; there are no doubts about it. In fact, they have […]

8 False Lashes with Decals for Winter

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 526 total views Winters reminds us of snow, chills, holidays, and festive occasions. Some ravishing mood-lifting new looks are something we desire to experiment with during holidays. With hundreds of chic makeup looks, winter-themed eyelashes are trending new styles to display unconventional looks, this season You might have seen numerous fashionistas trends of false lashes, but one unique modish lash style […]

What Can Cause Eyelashes to Turn White?

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 1,271 total views Eyelash hair is thicker, darker, and coarse than scalp hair. They have stronger color pigmentation than scalp hair. This strong bond enables them to stave of graying for a longer period. We’re usually familiar with scalp hair graying, but there are many experiencing eyelash graying. White lashes make eyes look quite washed out and flat. Lashes turn white […]

A Guide to All Type of False Lashes Looks

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 680 total views Wearing false lashes is an everyday game now. You don’t have to wait for the events, celebrations to look lush-lash. Lash artistry is grown up to such an extent that you have limitless options to select a falsie for your favorite false lash look. Smooth, dramatic, glamorous, or vibrant, nothing left behind when you think of fake lashes. […]

What Size False Lashes are Best?

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 796 total views We are well aware of fake lash magic. They can promptly open up eyes and make them gorgeous. One frustrating thing is, which size is the best. There are countless lash sizes available in the market. Some go for longer fuller lashes some may choose lesser drama. While choosing the size of lashes, keep in mind best fake […]

Why Do Your Fake Eyelashes Look Ridiculous

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 1,448 total views In the realm of beauty, false lashes may be scary. They give you an intense appearance and appear to be exceedingly tough to wear and pull off. However, if you are fascinated by the notion of fake lashes, you might want to give them a try. Don’t let your fears stop you from trying them! They may appear […]