What Can Cause Eyelashes to Turn White?

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 1,271 total views Eyelash hair is thicker, darker, and coarse than scalp hair. They have stronger color pigmentation than scalp hair. This strong bond enables them to stave of graying for a longer period. We’re usually familiar with scalp hair graying, but there are many experiencing eyelash graying. White lashes make eyes look quite washed out and flat. Lashes turn white […]

What Size False Lashes are Best?

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 795 total views We are well aware of fake lash magic. They can promptly open up eyes and make them gorgeous. One frustrating thing is, which size is the best. There are countless lash sizes available in the market. Some go for longer fuller lashes some may choose lesser drama. While choosing the size of lashes, keep in mind best fake […]

Are Fake Lashes Bad for You?

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 685 total views Falsies were once the domain of only the wealthy and distinguished. They have adorned the lids of Hollywood’s elite, inspiring both admiration and derision. False lashes are now accessible to the general public, allowing you to achieve a glam appearance that rivals any celebrity. If you are curious about false eyelashes harmful to your natural lashes, the answer […]

Can We Use Same False Eyelashes More Than Once?

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 620 total views False lashes are an easy and simple way to enhance your natural lash line instantly, whenever you want. They not only allow you to have versatile, trendy, over-the-top fringes but a cut-down budget too. Once you spend on a good pair of eyelashes you can use them several times. They can be used as long as you want […]

Summer Lashes Tips

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 605 total views Summers are not the most favorite for the majority of us, right. It is just not the perfect season to nail our makeup looks. The irritating heat and sweat ruin the makeup we spent hours perfecting. Even false eyelashes tend to feel uncomfortable when you wear them for a prolonged period in summers. They may not lose firm […]

Understanding Your Lash Growth Cycle

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 726 total views For many years, lengthy, thick, and darkish lashes symbolize splendor, femininity, and fertility in many cultures. In the Bronze Age, girls around the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and the Mediterranean used kohl. It contained either antimony sulfide or lead sulfide to contour and darken the rims of the eyelid. Like human hair, every lash comprises of […]