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How To Customize False Lashes by Yourself

How To Customize False Lashes by Yourself

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So you want to get creative with your eyes. You’ve tried the eye shadow hacks you could think of, but something still feels missing. Even your eyelashes seem too conventional. But do you know you can still get creative with it? I bet you don’t know that or you won’t be reading this. Do you also know that you can create unique styles with your false eyelash? Yea, that’s right, I just said that. Don’t fuss over it too much, it’s super easy to do that – customize your false lash I mean, not fuss – you don’t need a lash artist to help you with that, only the right tutorial on it.

This post contains a summary of how to customize your false eyelashes on your own. You can DIY after this. You’d be surprised at how easy it comes. Let’s dive in!

Why You Should Try Lash Stacking

Lash stacking is a makeup hack for adding more drama to your eyes. It is about wearing a double set of strip lashes at the same time. It is more or less like kids stacking boxes. There are two main reasons why you too should customize your false eyelashes

More Drama

The voluminous emphasis that has been laid on your lashes adds drama to your face and impacts your overall glam. If you are not scared of being noticed, then lash stacking is for you.


Ever heard of “from baseline to glam in seconds”? That’s what lash stacking will do to you.

Okay, before the whole process begins, here is a list of things you’d need to effectively customize your falsie

  • Two pairs of false eyelashes at least. Here, I’d recommend the Appearanz fake eyelashes. They are beautifully crafted, hand-made, and suit the process.
  • A pair of scissors, since you’d be doing some cutting
  • Lash adhesive. I’d advise you to go for the one you are not allergic to.
  • Tweezers

There are several ways to stack your lashes. It can be a falsie on another one or lash extensions on fake eyelashes – but not a falsie on lash extensions. Whichever way you want it, you are the lash artist. Don’t forget that.

Now to the process proper.

Step One: Choose Your Favorite Falsie.

Appearanz false eyelashes are made from faux-mink and they come in different styles and colors. You will need at least two pairs, as said before. You can get more than that but it all depends on how full you want the stack lash.

Mixing different styles of lashes will give you a more unique style. For instance when you stack lashes with fuller outer lashes like the Appearanz waves with a crisscross strip lash like Appearanz honeymoon. This will leave you with volume, more eye definition, and enhancement.


Step Two: Stack The Lashes Together

After picking out your preferred lashes, the next thing is to stack them on each other, while making sure they are well aligned.

Step Three: Measure The Stacked Lashes Against Your Eye

The next step is to place the stacked lashes against your eye to get the measurement. Most times, falsies seem to be longer than our eyes. Only on a few occasions will the lashes fit the eye exactly. The aim of the measurement is for the strip to fit better fit your eye shape.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful when removing the excess length from the strip.  You do not want to trim it off excessively. You may end up with short strips. So, first, measure the length against your eye and trim the excess little by little till you get the exact fit.

Step Four: Apply The False Eyelashes

Applying a stacked falsie is the same as wearing it the conventional way. Apply a thin strip of glue on the lash band with a bobby pin.

Wait a bit for it to dry a little. The aim here is to give it tack. If the glue is still wet when you apply the strip, it may become a real hassle getting it to sit on your natural lashes. It will keep slipping and sliding.

Once it is a little bit dry, set it on your natural lashes using an applicator.

Press down on it gently, not forgetting the corners. Using the applicator will help you aim for your lash better and avoid mess. Plus, it is very hygienic.

Pro Tips

  • If you’d needing the stacked falsie again, you should leave them joined together after removing it. But be sure to remove the dried glue from it using a pair of tweezers. However, if you do not want them stacked, carefully pull them apart and also remember to remove the dried glue.
  • Wrap the false eyelash around a makeup brush for a minute or two before wearing it. This will give the strip more curve to take the shape of your eye easily
  • Place a mirror underneath your eye in a position that lets you see under your eye when you look down. A good way to do that is to place it flat on a table with your elbow on each side of the mirror.
  • If you aim for a natural look with a hint of drama, cut one pair of false eyelashes in half and stack them on the outer corner of your eye. Bravo, you just made yourself a cat-eye.
  • You can also pro-customize your lashes. Cut the hair in-between the strip in groups to make individual lashes
  • Pull down the skin on your eyelid to conceal the lash band. The skin will stick to the open glue on the lashes, making it look more natural
  • Sometimes, it is advisable to apply glue on your lash line rather than on the falsie. This hack comes in handy if you tend to fumble while applying the strip. You can do that with eyeliner.
  • Clean the strip lashes after each use. Some false eyelashes like the Appearanz lashes can be reused up to 30 times. Just wash them in with warm soapy water to remove dirt, mascara, and glue from them.
  • Since you are using double lashes, pulling them out may destroy your natural lashes. Rather than pull them out, you should use an oil-based makeup remover.

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