What Size False Lashes are Best?

What Size False Lashes are Best?

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We are well aware of fake lash magic. They can promptly open up eyes and make them gorgeous. One frustrating thing is, which size is the best. There are countless lash sizes available in the market. Some go for longer fuller lashes some may choose lesser drama. While choosing the size of lashes, keep in mind best fake falsies are meant to make you feel better and look prettier. The wrong size of lashes can make your eyes look droopy and obstructed. They may look too harsh against your natural lashes.

What size false lashes are best?

Be mindful of the facts while choosing the size, we all have varied eye shapes and sizes. Not all available sizes are for everyone. The best lash size for your eyes is one that

  1. Fits well on your eyes
  2. Creates look you want to achieve
  3. Shouldn’t harm your eyes or natural lashes


  • Right Fitting

The right fit is the right size, how?

Eyes are of different sizes and shapes. Many find it hard to get one perfect size. Measure your lash line and snip the extra lash vein to make it a perfect fit.

Secondly consider your eye shape for example; for hooded eyes, long, thick dramatic lashes will make them smaller and shut off. The best fake lash size for them is shorter (between 10 mm to 12mm) with wispy strands

  • Create a look you want to achieve

That’s pretty much clear; the perfect size of lashes is determined by the particular look you want to create. They can be Natural, dramatic, professional, or flirty. For dramatic looks, you can go anywhere, any length, thickness, volume. To create a theatrical performance, cosplay you have the margin to go beyond usual sizes.

  • Shouldn’t harm natural lashes

Heavy, extra-long lengths can weigh down your natural lashes. Using lashes longer than 14 mm long can harm your natural lashes. Whether they are extensions or strip falsies, too heavy/unrealistic sizes can strain natural lashes and could result in sparse re-growth.

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Lash types and sizes

Lash size is not just the lengths. It refers to the length, curls, and thickness of lash strands. Fake lashes fall into two categories strip lashes and lash extensions. Determining the best size for both is quite a daunting task but once figured out you will never be confused anymore. To determine the best size of false lashes we have to break down this subject into several segments.


When talking about best lengths a general rule of thumb is don’t go beyond 2mm to 3mm longer than your natural lashes. Whether lash extensions or strip lashes consider some basics when selecting a size.

  • Natural lash length

Our natural lash lengths indicate how long we can go with falsies. 12mm to 13 mm long are natural fake lashes for people having naturally long lashes. Those having naturally short lengths 10mm to 11mm will look perfectly natural for them. You can use extra lengths to create drama.

  • Natural lashes ability to support falsies

If you have sparse or light lashes you cannot go with heavy or lengthy lashes. They will eventually leave you with no or scattered lashes. It’s crucial to consider natural lash health while choosing the size of false fringes.

  • General lengths chart

Short lengths                       8mm to 9mm usually for inner corner tappers most natural

Medium lengths                  10mm to 12mm medium mascara looks

Long                                   13mm to 14 mm for extra length

Dramatically Long              15mm to 18mm or above

These are general rules of thumb for lash extensions and strip lashes, these lengths can look shorter or longer on you depending on eye shape and size.

The right size of diameter and curl for lash extensions

  • Diameter

Here again, to have a safe and everyday look, playing around with natural diameter is good. For dramatic lashes, slightly thicker lash strands will work well. Lash experts suggest staying between 0.03 mm to 0.10 mm for volume lashes. Both length and diameter size should not be taken lightly. Going extra heavy can cause serious damage to natural lashes.

  • Curl

Lash curl sizes range from the most natural J, C & D to the most dramatic hybrid CC, L+ curls. C & D are popular among curls. They create a curlier wispy look. Dramatic or hybrid curls are personal choices. Your lash artist has all the experience and training to choose the best curl size for you. Before taking a decision, discuss with him/her the right lash size for you.

Strip Lashes band size

Fake lashes size includes the band size of strip lashes. Pre-made lashes are for all eye sizes big, small, and medium. You have to cut them according to your lash line size and eye shape. If you don’t cut it right you will experience a bad lash day for sure. They will be uncomfortable and may pop out during the day.

  • Right size lash band        

For the right size of band start measuring a quarter inch away from the inner corner to the outer of lash line. Run false lash along the natural lash line and end right at the outer edge, cut the extra part. Now it’s the best lash band size for you.

  • Use different sizes of strip lashes

You can’t determine the size, feared to go wrong. Use individual or demi strip lashes instead of the whole strip. Demi set will be set on the outer corner and give a dramatic winged look. To create the customized look go for individual lashes and place them on sparse areas of the lash line.

Take Away

The growing demand for false lashes has introduced an array of fake lash sizes. The best is one that is placed right on your lid and looks blended. When we consult lash experts they suggest, natural-looking fake lashes are the best fake lashes. People tend to go for realistic sizes to carry them comfortably and save their natural lashes. For darker fuller looks go wispy than lengthy. Consult a lash expert for selecting exact and exclusive pieces of false fringes for you.

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