Do Male Celebrities Wear False Eyelashes?

Do Male Celebrities Wear False Eyelashes?

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“Eyelashes are for anyone who wishes to wear them. They have nothing to do with gender”. This is the present-day eyelash hook statement.

Today false eyelashes are not Just Gal-thing men are empowering their eyelids with fluttery, dark frills around the world. Male celebs are wearing false lashes; there are no doubts about it. In fact, they have initiated the trend. Many male Hollywood celebs, TikTok stars, Instagram influencers are having fake lashes to enhance eye attraction. They are influencing the common men so much around the world. The truth is men fake lash market is growing rapidly.

Do male celebrities wear false lashes?

Yes, it is a groundbreaking truth although it is not very common yes. They are wearing false lashes but not like women. A common practice to enhance male celebrities’ eyelashes is applying mascaras or primers. Justin Theroux star of HBO’s famous Buzz the Leftovers is famous for his gorgeous, enviable eyelashes. It’s speculated either he has fringes of his own or magic of some special mascara makes them so adorable. Like him, mascaras and primers are being used mostly to amplify male lashes.

Male actors usually keep it a secret until now, however taking help of eye makeup is common. We hope with the advent of faux lashes for men they will be much vocal about their lashes soon.

Celebs that wear false lashes

You have seen the Kardashian-Janner clan, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez Katy Perry, Beyonce wearing lush, glamorous lashes on red carpets, photoshoots, and social media. Male celebs are not less than them; actor such as Nestor Carbonell is much talked about celeb for their luxe lashes. Many social media male influencers are using them to photograph some creative looks and costume eye make-ups.

Famous Drag queens and stage actors, Rupaul, Bianca Del Rio are wearing falsies to adorn their eyes for long a time. Top male beauty influencers like James Charles, Jeffree Star, Lewys Ball, and Patrick Starrr have given hype to men’s falsies by sharing their creative looks on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Just scroll through social media you will find hundreds of male famous personalities showcasing their versatile eye look having fake lashes on.

Men Fake lash Lines

These days’ men don’t have to peep into their female-friends bags for makeup products. They have men make up lines of famous brands specially created for their needs.

Famous false lashes brands have launched their men-eyelash lines; keeping in view the size structure and need of men they have called them undeserved natural-looking lashes.

These guy lash lines are well designed and have a vast range of falsies. There is a variety in terms of colors, styles, and sizes.

Is there a difference between male and female falsies?

As far as materials are concerned guy lashes are available in all materials like women, real hair, and faux lashes. Men’s lashes are not luxuriously long, fluttered, and dramatic. They tend to be more on the masculine side, fine, natural, thick, wispy, and a little shorter than women falsies.

A basic difference lash brands are creating is in the lash band. Guy lashes have clear transparent thin bands to give a realistic look. many brands have just introduced B and J the most natural curls for men.

Why do male actors need fake lashes?

People believe men have been enhancing their beauty since ancient civilizations; it’s not a TikTok fad. Well, that is true to some extent. Make-up has a wider meaning now; it is more than just filling up dark bottom lines like Egyptian emperors.  Since People of all genders and ages have embraced makeup rituals, skincare routines, fake lashes have become part and parcel of every beauty lover’s beauty gazes.

Male performers and actors have chosen these adorable makeup up accessories for some fair reasons.

Natural Fake lashes

Since long, heavy glamorous lashes look quite feminine, men celebs cleverly choose the best fake lashes similar to their natural Lashes. They opt for thicker shorter lash strands to give a nice natural wisp and thickness to their lashes. Having such natural vibes compel everyone second-guessing whether they are real or fake?

Wide-eye look

Big wide eyes are flattering and look good both on men and women. Lash experts recommend guys wear wispy lashes with thickness near the lash line. It creates a very fine dark line along the lash line. They help create an illusion of wider eyes.

Change the look

False lashes have great power to change eye shapes, they have become an integral part of Corrective cosmetic techniques. Men celebs are wearing them to change their looks and portray special characters. a few strands incredibly transform their look on screen.

Stand out on camera

They are the dark magic wands. Dark fuller lash lines look amazing on camera. During stage performances and film shootings, heavy lights are used. Heavy lights wash out natural tones of the skin and the face looks quite blank. False lashes bring life to eyes, brighten them up and make them pop.

With male- makeup false lashes become an aid to highlight the character’s eyes and expressions.

Change eye shape

Yes, they do know the importance of perfect eye shapes. If J.Lo can switch her eyes almond to round why not a male celeb turn his eyes into deep round peeps. The power of lashes is making much-needed changes in a guy’s eyes. They look bigger and attractive more than ever with falsies.

A better alternative

Falsies for men are a better alternative for heavy editing and Photoshop. They become a great aid for performers and actors to achieve the boldness required for better photographic results.

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Take Away

Male actors and performers are using false eyelashes to enhance their natural lashes, but it is not as popular as in women. Natural fake lashes are an attractive option to accent their grooming. With passing time and newer technologies, it is expected that guy’s false lashes industry will grow like other men’s cosmetics products.

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