Are Fake Lashes Bad for You?

Are Fake Lashes Bad for You?

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Falsies were once the domain of only the wealthy and distinguished. They have adorned the lids of Hollywood’s elite, inspiring both admiration and derision. False lashes are now accessible to the general public, allowing you to achieve a glam appearance that rivals any celebrity.

If you are curious about false eyelashes harmful to your natural lashes, the answer is complicated.

Are Fake Lashes Bad for You?

The eyelash-wearing experience may be significantly altered by improper care and upkeep, terrible fake eyelashes, and adhesives. While negative responses are possible, they may be avoided.

·       Eyelash Glue

Eyelash glue is made to last an extended period. They are generally waterproof and long-lasting to prevent eyelashes from falling out before you are willing to remove them.

Nobody wants a synthetic eyelash that is noticeably drooping, but what about in the long run? Latex-based eyelash glues are the most common. Latex is a form of rubber. Is that anything that should be near such a delicate place if you consider that now?

Although there are latex-free eyelash glues available, the reality that you are putting glue on your eyelashes might cause harm because it’s tough to remove. Although if you wipe all of the makeup, remnants of lash glue may remain on your lashes, irritating your eyes and interfering with healthy lash development.

·       Methodology of Use

You have probably seen the ‘beauty tip’ of wearing falsies under your natural lashes – this is a terrible idea for various reasons! While that’s not specifically harmful to your eyelashes, it does put your eyes in danger.

You might create a lot of problems by putting a lash band under your lash line. A corneal abrasion occurs when the band of your fake lashes rubs on the cornea of your eye. It’s simply a problem with the fragile layer in front of your eye.

That’s not worth risking your eyesight for more natural fake lashes look if this gets damaged! When you must wear false eyelashes, make sure to place them above your lash line, as this is how they were intended to be worn.

·       Methods of Removal

Whereas the aesthetic of peeling off-strip lashes is appealing, it’s a bad idea in the long term. Not only might it harm your lashes, but it could also induce wrinkles in the sensitive eye region by straining and pulling.

Fake eyelash adhesive must always be softened with an oil-based makeup remover before being carefully taken off when the lashes are removed. Falsies do fall off when tugged upon, but they can also pull out your natural lashes.

It’s easy to see how all this may become a deadly cycle, especially given how painful it must be. When you have sparse lashes, you may feel compelled to wear fake eyelashes all of the time. However, if you continue to take them off, you will stress and strain your natural lashes, making them appear sparser!

·       Using False Lashes That Aren’t Clean

This is a major one: although it’s no surprise that eyelashes may be reused, are they thoroughly cleaned before use? At the end of the day, the glue, mascara, makeup, and maybe even some natural skin oils have built upon the false lashes. Isn’t that a little revolting? But how many times have you worn your lashes without washing them?

Applying filthy lashes might irritate your eyelids and potentially lead to an infection. You can’t expect your eyelashes to seem healthy and full if your eyes or eyelids are diseased.

Reversing The Effects Of The Damage

·       Purchase a Lash Serum

A lash serum provides necessary proteins and minerals to your lashes. Their formulas contain compounds like biotin and Vitamin B5, which can promote natural lash development. These compounds can also help to relieve inflammation and soothe the eyelids.

·       Every night, use a conditioner

Coconut, almond, or castor oils can be mixed with Vitamin E to make a conditioning therapy in addition to lash serums. To make a cotton ball, mix a little bit from each of the oils with vitamin E. Each night, dab a little into your lash line.

·       Use a Mascara That Isn’t Synthetic

An organic mascara created with organic materials may thicken and lengthen your lashes without harming them. Ingredients including almond oil, aloe leaf juices, and plant waxes can be found in certain products. This natural option will aid in the healing of lashes overexposed to glues and adhesives.

·       Never share your false lashes

Everyone is unique. As a result, something innocuous to someone else may cause an allergic reaction or an adverse reaction in you. To avoid this, never share your fake lashes with anyone.

·       Look for formaldehyde-free glue

It would be best if you avoided formaldehyde adhesives. Formaldehyde-free adhesives are available in both digital and offline retailers. Unlike formaldehyde glues, they’re inexpensive and harmless for your eyes.

·       Carefully remove your fake eyelashes

Instead of tugging and pulling on your false lashes, carefully remove them. If you don’t, you will get irritated and lose your hair. Using cotton balls, soak up some makeup remover. The glue will be dissolved. Then gently pull away from your eyes the loosened fake eyelashes.

·       Must consider animal allergies

The materials used in most recognized brands’ goods are specified. As a result, read the label carefully. If you have an animal allergy, artificial or silk fake eyelashes are a preferable option.

·       Do not sleep with falsies on

It may appear simpler to sleep in your fake eyelashes after a night out with your friends. However, since the lashes’ weight might induce hair loss, this is not suggested. Due to the accumulation of dirt and filth, leaving your artificial eyelashes overnight can lead to infections, swelling, and discomfort.


If you want to use false eyelashes to round off a natural fake lashes look, you are well aware that several alternatives are available. Whether you prefer mink, faux mink, silk, wispies, or individual falsies, there’s something for everyone.

Appearanz offers the best fake lashes online.

  1. You can take a look at our favorite pair of lashes, Firework – 3D Faux Mink Lash. For the ultimate glam effect that draws attention to your eyes, thick and volumized lashes are placed evenly along with the lash band. Furthermore, the faux mink substance makes these lashes lightweight and pleasant to wear.
  2. Another pair you wouldn’t like to miss out on, Posh 6D Silk Lashes is one of the best fake lashes, will feed your new lash addiction. Posh delivers ultra-silky fullness with curl and the sensation of natural lashes, thanks to its crossing pattern of varied lengths that creates an effortlessly gorgeous 6D volume effect.

Bottom Line

False eyelashes are fascinating to wear and offer a dramatic influence on your overall appearance. They can complement any cosmetic look while also giving your lashes thickness and volume.

They do, however, have certain hazards, including irritation, swelling, infection, and, in severe circumstances, blindness. To avoid this, take proper care of both your false lashes and your eyes.

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