6 Doll Beauty Lashes You Definitely Want To Have

6 Doll Beauty Lashes You Definitely Want To Have

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Doll Beauty Lashes are the trend these days. As their name says, they doll up your eyes stunningly to revamp the outlook of your makeup. These false lashes enhance the charm around your eyes by intensifying the thickness and length of your natural lashes, thus making them one of the best makeup tools ever to exist.

You can use doll lashes to make your eyes look bigger and more open. A genius choice for those with small eyes!

The Doll Eye Makeup

If you are a makeup enthusiast, you must have come across the term The Doll Eye Effect on social media or heard from your friends.

The question is, can you also apply a doll’s eye makeup to your eyes? Absolutely, Yes! Though it may seem a bit difficult to apply on the first try, you will get the hang of it after several attempts.

We have a detailed guide that will help you apply the doll’s eye makeup for the first time. So, let us head on to that!

  • Apply a foundation to your skin of the same shade of your skin tone or just one shade lighter. Use a blending sponge or a liquid foundation and apply it evenly to your face.
  • Set the foundation using a translucent powder that matches your skin tone and the foundation.
  • Use a darker eyeshadow than your skin tone for the outer corners of your eyes and lighter eyeshadow for the blending. Use a soft blending brush to mix the shades evenly.
  • Using the best eyeliner, line the top lid of your eyes.
  • Put on mascara on your lower and upper eyelashes. Then, put a nice false eyelash on your lash line to create a dramatic and fuller effect.
  • You can draw exaggerated lashes using mascara or eyeliner if you want longer lashes.

6 Doll Beauty Lashes You Definitely Want To Have

Now to the main part, i.e., finding the best quality doll beauty lashes may be tiring. However, no more worries because we have you covered.

6 Doll Beauty Lashes

Let us introduce you to Appearanz, a one-in-all online makeup store where you will find fascinating pairs of false lashes.

Here, at Appearanz, you will find the doll beauty lashes that you have been searching for for so long and a lot more makeup tools to help your look.

We will brief you about 6 false lashes that will be perfect for doll eye makeup.


The Firework 3D faux mink lashes are an absolute work of art. Made with high-quality faux mink material, these falsies can last for up to 25 wears if you care for them properly.



  • Plus, they are carefully handcrafted to create a dramatic outlook for the audience.
  • These thick lashes are precisely arranged throughout the lash band to create that ultimate glam.
  • What is more, they are lightweight; hence they do not add a lot of weight to your lash line. Consequently, you can wear them comfortably for a long time.


A unique set of false eyelashes that will bring all the attention to your glamorous makeup look.

allure-3d-faux-mink-lash (1)


  • The Allure lashes have a beautiful V-Shape cluster pattern that you will not easily find anywhere else. Through this, you can achieve a wide-eyed look that you have been craving.
  • The V-shape clusters are arranged in varying lengths to add depth to your eyes to make them appear more open.
  • It is also pretty comfortable to wear, thanks to the lightweight faux mink material.


The AfterParty black false lashes are another pair of aesthetic makeup tools that you will fall in love with. These super-elegant wispy lashes are created from faux mink material to add durability and quality to the product.



  • The material also makes these lashes lightweight and thus highly comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • You can use them again for up to 25 wears if you properly care for them. These falsies come with a dramatic volume to impress the viewers.
  • The even design of the lashes will surely enhance your makeup look.


This is what we meant when we told you that these lashes are hard to find anywhere else. The Pink Butterfly is one of the unique sets of false lashes that you will only get at Appearanz.



  • It features beautiful pink butterfly decals to give you all the fairy vibes. With these lashes, you can feel all the butterflies around you to keep yourself refreshed and confident.
  • In addition, these lashes are waterproof; hence, you do not have to worry about their damage while washing your face. Perfect doll beauty lashes, no?


The Purple Flower 3D lashes come with tiny purple flower decals that are lovely to view. The soft lash band featured in these lashes makes sure that you do not feel any kind of discomfort while wearing them.



  • These fluffy and full-body lashes will give you the fascinating glamour that will win everybody’s heart.
  • In addition, you can use them for up to 10 wears, as the high-quality faux mink material will not face damage that easily.
  • Want to wash your face while wearing your falsies? There is no need to take them off, as these lashes are waterproof. A fantastic pick for doll beauty lashes for sure!


Lastly, these are the fake lashes we would like you to know about. The Flower Garden lashes are made from high-quality faux mink material. Therefore, if you store them properly, these falsies will stay by your side for a long time.



  • The best part about these lashes is that they feature colorful flower decals on them to give your makeup a completely new flowery vibe.
  • They are super comfortable to wear and will not feel heavy on your lash line.
  • This handcrafted lash is perfect to create a doll beauty lash look.

Bottom Line

These are all the amazing doll beauty lashes at Appearanz we wanted you to introduce you to. Pick your favorite and rock the doll beauty lash look! Best Of Luck!

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