You Deserve These Spectacular Lashes on ZOOM

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 665 total views Insta-stalking surprises a lot when you gaze through inspiring photos of women at work. All ready and on the mark. Staying on screens has changed the meaning of getting ready. All the focus has been transferred to face. Looking camera-ready without being overemphasized seems a tough nut to crack. For online meetings, waist-up preparations are arguably important to […]

How To Customize False Lashes by Yourself

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 654 total views So you want to get creative with your eyes. You’ve tried the eye shadow hacks you could think of, but something still feels missing. Even your eyelashes seem too conventional. But do you know you can still get creative with it? I bet you don’t know that or you won’t be reading this. Do you also know that […]

Which Kind of Fake Lashes is Easy to Apply?

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 634 total views One of the few things that can boost your confidence is a having good pair of falsies eyelashes that can be fixed easily. Having a good pair of easy-to-fix falsies lashes is good because can save you a lot of time when doing your make. They will make you look flawless without putting in too much effort. Easy […]