Why Do Your Fake Eyelashes Look Ridiculous

Why Do Your Fake Eyelashes Look Ridiculous

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In the realm of beauty, false lashes may be scary. They give you an intense appearance and appear to be exceedingly tough to wear and pull off. However, if you are fascinated by the notion of fake lashes, you might want to give them a try.

Don’t let your fears stop you from trying them! They may appear strange to apply, but they will instantly improve your appearance. Plus, anybody can do it as long as they follow some important dos and don’ts when wearing artificial lashes.

We will show you how to wear fake eyelashes properly and the incorrect way of wearing them. Continue reading to get to know why your fake eyelashes look ridiculous.

Why Do Your Fake Eyelashes Look Ridiculous?

1.   False eyelashes that aren’t trimmed down to your eye’s size

The bird’s flap effect is another name for this. False lashes can become unraveled from the corners and appear to be flapping if they are not trimmed down to a person’s eye size. Isn’t it an uninspiring image?

One should set false lashes as per their eyes to prevent the bird flap effect. Whenever the eyelashes aren’t set correctly, they might poke your inner and outside corners, creating irritation and pain.

2.   Choosing the wrong size

Getting false lashes that exactly match your eyes is a rare thing. Because people’s eyes are all various shapes, it’s tough for producers to cater to all of them. The good thing is that you can easily tweak these false eyelashes. To obtain a more natural fake lashes look, enhanced appearance, clip away the excess.

3.   Using black glue to adhere bare lids

It is among the most common mistakes made when using fake lashes. On the day you choose to ditch your black liner or use no eyeliner, you should not use black glue. As a newbie, you must never attempt such a trick; otherwise, you risk ending up with raccoon eyes and a ruined makeup base.

4.   False lashes should not be applied too close to the lash line

This is a common blunder made by both newbies and seasoned professionals. This is a regular occurrence when you rush or don’t have much time on your hands.

5.   Using mascara to blend natural and fake eyelashes

To begin with, this will destroy and decrease the life of your false lashes, and it will also make it extremely difficult to remove them without practically tearing them off or tugging your natural lashes.

6.   Backward application of false lashes

This might happen while you are applying lashes in a dimly lit place or driving to a friend’s wedding celebration in the backseat of your car.

7.   Instead of an applicator, use your fingertips

Using your fingers might be difficult. Furthermore, the glue on your lashes can occasionally destroy your eye makeup.

8.   Using lashes for the first time or throwing them away after a million uses

Human hair false lashes may last about 5-7 times, while synthetic ones should last about 20. Yes, you read that correctly. Use them less, and you will be wasting your money. If you use them a lot, you will wind up appearing tacky.

What Can You Do To Avoid These Mistakes?

1.   Cut Your Lashes If You Haven’t Done So Yet

Make sure your lashes are the proper length for your eye for them to seem natural. Because lashes are usually a little longer than the typical eye, you’ll need to trim them down.

2.   Cutting The Inside Lashes Is Not Recommended

Do not cut the inside corner of the lashes while trimming the lashes. Always start cutting from the outside.

3.   Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Actual Lashes

You must take good care of your natural lashes before applying the fake ones. Use mascara and any other lash product you typically use to prepare them.

4.   Apply Glue Carefully To The Lashes

Spread a thin coating of glue across the entire eyelash line — feel free to put a little more in the corners, but not so much across the whole lash line. The glue will smear and become apparent on your eyelid if you do this. And that isn’t exactly a charming appearance.

5.   Wait For The Glue To Dry Before Applying It

Never put your eyelashes on after you have used glue. Allow enough time for the glue to get sticky, but not so much that it loses its stickiness. It should just take around 30 seconds. Make the eyelashes bend to make this process go more smoothly.

6.   Do Not Apply the Lashes Downward

Approach the eyelid from the side or above while applying the lashes. Always approach from the top, with your head inclined up and your eyes open to observe how you’re doing!

7.   Don’t Put the Lashes Below Your Lash Line

It would be best if you struck a fine balance in this final phase. You don’t want a line of skin between your eyelashes and your false eyelashes. You also wouldn’t want to apply false eyelashes directly on your natural lashes. The idea is to place it directly above your natural lash line.

To make the false lashes seem like natural fake lashes, squeeze the two lashes together and softly push them forward with your fingertips.


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Bottom Line

You might not think much about your lashes, but there’s a high possibility one of your daily behaviors is harming the strands that surround your eyes. Eyelashes operate as a shield between your eyes and foreign objects or moisture, avoiding irritation or infection. Even if you don’t realize they’re there, it’s critical to safeguard them and keep them in good working order for the sake of your eyes’ health.

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