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Applying Amazing False Eyelashes in Seven Steps

Applying Amazing False Eyelashes in Seven Steps

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We have a great love and desire to wear fake lashes, but what stops us from doing that?

Most of us will reply, applying them is very hard and tricky.

But trust me, once you are determined to learn to apply them you will not regret it. It’s just a trial and error game.

To learn the art start your practice with little cheaper ones. They are easily available in the market and online. Instead of using mink or silk lash, try faux mink lashes. Or other synthetic materials. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you master the false lash applying art with some pro tips.

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Step-1 Choose the right pair for your eyes

Before application, the most important step that guarantees a perfect look is buying the right pair of fake lashes. Ensuring the right size, volume, length, and type of lash for your particular eye shape is a very crucial part of lash application. From six basic types, a basic chart will be

Hooded – light and short lashes. Natural-looking

Almond – no restrictions choose from any depth or length

Deep-set – Long, curled, and wispy

Round – light, wispy and winged

Monolid – light, and crisscross

Step-2 Prepare your natural Lashes and supplies for applying lashes

Prepare your tools to apply lashes

  • Scissors
  • Tweezers or a lash applicator
  • Strip lash Adhesive
  • Eyelash kit, faux mink lash, or any other of your choice
  • A mirror
  • Eyelash Curler

Prepare your eyes:

Before applying false lashes complete your make-up. Apply complete eye makeup eye shadow too, eyeliner, and even mascara. Curl them with an eyelash curler.

Step-3 Trim your lash

When it comes to false lashes one size doesn’t fit all unless you have customized pair. You can do this in two ways;

Measure your actual lash line and the fake lash. You can do it by simply laying the false lash strip on your actual lash and trimming the extra length. Trimming them will make them comfortable to wear and easier to apply on. They will not pop up accidentally.

Pro tips:

While removing from tray. Always peel them from the outer edges never from inner ends.

  • Snip the lashes at their outer ends where they are usually longer. For a natural look.
  • Don’t cut them on full lengths of your lash line, instead set them to the outer 2/3 corner. It will open and lift your eyes.
  • Save this extra chunk. And apply it onto your outer corner when you need extra volume at the corners.

brown lashes

Step-4 Apply the glue to the lashes

Hold the lashes with the help of tweezers. Apply a fine layer of glue to the band of the lash. You can apply it directly from the tube or squeeze a little bit of glue on the back of your hand or a small piece of glass. Gently drag the band through the glue, making sure the band is coated evenly. When the glue is not wet rather tacky it’s ready to apply to the eyes.

Pro Tips:

  • You can choose dark glue to add extra definition to the lash line and blend it better with the eyeliner.
  • Use clear glue if you are a beginner to avoid any mistakes. They are not visible so are easy to handle.
  • If you are allergic to latex, use latex-free glue.

Step-5 Wait for the glue to dry

This step will be a game-changer. Executing it rightly will able you to stick the lash perfectly, for a whole day. Failing in it will serve you hard.

Don’t start applying it immediately; let the glue dry for 30 seconds depending on the nature of the glue.

It will save spreading the glue all over the place and ensure a better hold.

Pro Tips:

  • If you are in a hurry blow on the lash or wave it back and forth so that it gets tacky soon.
  • When it’s a little tacky. hold it between index finger and thumb, giving it a C shape. This slightly curved lash will sit naturally on your lash.

Step-6 Apply it to the lash

With the help of tweezers, hold it and place it on the eyeliner you applied. After placing it right press them along the lash line. Use a pair of tweezers or lash applicator to push the inner and outer corners to fix them well. Once it’s settled use your finger to press them a little bit and then pinch your natural and false lashes together to mix them well.

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t place the mirror in front of you, where you have to look straight into it. A magical trick is to place the mirror under your face, where you have to look down. it will help you place your strip at the exact place without any difficulty.
  • If you will start sticking them very close to the inner corner they will irritate you.
  • Don’t close your eyes when applying false eyelashes, because the eye shape is changed when you close your eyes. It will affect the perfect application.

Step-7 Camouflage the lash band

Take your favorite mascara and draw a beautiful line to merge the band and eyeliner. It will camouflage the lash band.

Pro tips:

  • If you have messed with glue and got it to stick on your eyelid, don’t try to clean it immediately let it dry, and then remove it carefully.
  • To create a cat-eye effect you can flick out the eyeliner.

How to apply Pre-Glued and Magnetic lashes

fake lashes

You can buy pre-glue lashes or magnetic lashes too. The application would be almost the same way.


Pre-glued lashes are easy to apply. And available in different materials, synthetic and faux mink lashes both.

Magnetic Lashes:

Magnetic fake lashes are a new innovative type of false lashes. They are great for beginners for their ease of application. You can apply them effortlessly with minimal tools.

Final words

Now you must be thinking how simple it was to apply fake lashes. Just practice it. After a few applications, you will surely invent some new ways to tackle them.

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