What Can Cause Eyelashes to Turn White?

What Can Cause Eyelashes to Turn White?

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Eyelash hair is thicker, darker, and coarse than scalp hair. They have stronger color pigmentation than scalp hair. This strong bond enables them to stave of graying for a longer period. We’re usually familiar with scalp hair graying, but there are many experiencing eyelash graying. White lashes make eyes look quite washed out and flat. Lashes turn white for various genetic and medical reasons, few are known and many are still a mystery. Natural fake lashes or lash extensions are great ways to tackle this problem.

Lash artists came across such clients often. As responsible professional service providers they should have complete knowledge; why eyelashes turn white? A well-informed technician can better guide clients;

Why lashes are turning light?

Whether a client can have a lash extension or medical assistance is needed before lash extension.

What causes hair color?

Hair color is determined by the number of color pigments called Melanin. A high or low amount of melanin is responsible for different shades of hair. This amount is determined by genes that instruct melanocortin (a protein) to make melanocytes. Melanocytes are present in hair follicles. When triggered, Melanocytes produce different types of melanin; eumelanin & pheomelanin.

A higher amount of eumelanin causes black, brown, and blonds. Pheomelanin causes red hair. A functional disorder of Melanocortin can be one of the causes of lash graying.

What eyelashes to cause turn white?

Hair follicles generate color pigments throughout their lifetime. When the melanin amount reduces hair turns grey, losing it completely turn them white.

Eyelashes turn white for several reasons, some are natural and unavoidable like; aging but there are other genetic or hormonal disorders; such as blepharitis and albinism


The most common reason is aging. White hair is a significant sign of aging. As you age melanin production depletes. Melanin keeps decreasing gradually turning hair to grey and then white, Eyelash whitening is prominent mostly in people above 70. People below 40 usually do not experience the situation.

If a young client comes with white lashes. It might be a sign of premature aging. A responsible lash technician should leave the diagnosis to the doctor.

The medical condition that causes eyelashes to turn white

Some of the few causes that require medical assistance are;


Vitiligo is a medical condition in which white patches appear on the body due to loss of melanin production. Melanin constantly builds and spread pigments across the body to give it color. When there is a disruption in this activity discolored patches can appear anywhere on the body. If the patches form in the area of hair growth, hair too turns white.

Vitiligo is thought to be caused due to some genetic disorder, family history, or destroyed immune system, but no proven reasons are there.

Hair colors, lash tinting and natural fake lashes help people suffering from vitiligo. For semi-permanent eyelash extension is a good option. But one should always consult a doctor before having a chemical-based solution.



The first thing that comes to mind when we see a younger person having white lashes is Albinism. It’s a genetic disorder that causes alteration in melanin production in the body. It’s congenital; a child is born with very light or pale skin, hair, and eye color. People suffering from this disorder are called Albinos

Albinos may have very sensitive skin, porn to sunburns, allergies. The doctor’s advice and recommendation are essentially important in such cases.  Before going for striped natural fake lashes, either glue on or magnetic, Albinos should consider taking an allergy test.


Blepharitis is an eye condition when inflammation affects eyelids. Oil glands near lash lines become clogged and irritated. This condition can develop white eyelashes, swollen eyelids, crusty lashes, watery eyes. It’s often a difficult condition to cure. Having lash treatment in such a condition is not appropriate.

Alopecia Areata                                

White hair is a common condition during Alopecia Areata. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that causes severe hair follicle dysfunction resulting in complete or partial hair loss. Alopecia Areata affects the scalp, eyebrow, eyelash, or hair anywhere on the body.

Alopecia Areata’s patient experiences white hair after re-growth. This change may be temporary or permanent sometimes.

Hormonal disorders

The natural aging process, pre-mature aging, severe genetic issues are quite evident and we can start working on treatment. There are a few underlying health issues that go unnoticed such as thyroid disorder.

Thyroid Disorder

Thyroid disorder can cause serious hair issues. Some Hyperthyroid disorders come up abruptly and some prevail undiagnosed for months. Studies show both excessive and insufficient levels of thyroid hormonesT3 and T4 alter the hair, structure, and color.


In Poliosis patches of white hair appears usually on the head but it can affect eyelashes too. Poliosis is triggered by several health issues like thyroid disorder, inflammation, psychological stress, a side effect of medication.

Oxidative and Psychological Stress

Oxidative stresses also cause premature hair whitening. Oxidative stress is a condition in which the body doesn’t possess enough antioxidants to counteract free radicals that cause cell damage.

Psychological stress aggravates hormonal misbalance or cell malfunction. Recent studies show this hair discoloration can be temporary, hair can turn dark again when the stress is relieved. The core reason is the changes in root cells of hair that cause hair pigmentation.

Nutritional deficiency

Nutritional deficiencies are a reason behind eyelash graying. The deficiency can cause hormonal changes or stem cell dysfunctions that lead to cause few hairs turning white including lash hair. Vitamin B12 B6   folic acid and biotin deficiency especially develop low pigment production in the human body.

 Is it right to have fake lashes after graying?

If thyroid disorder, Alopecia Areata or Blepharitis is the cause of lash graying. The person might be suffering from hair thinning, brittleness, sparse lashes, and watery eyes along with gray. Fake lashes weight or glue can harm eyes and natural lashes. In such cases, it’s better to take a doctor’s advice before going for lash treatments.

In normal cases having light false lashes, extensions or tints are the right decision.

Visit APPEARANZ for super lightweight faux mink lashes and lash extensions. You have the liberty to choose from black or brown color, strip, and magnets suitable to your hair color and lash condition.


Take Away

Although fake lashes are an intelligent way to cover grey, white or blonde eyelashes. If it’s premature whitening, consult a doctor. Once the cause is determined. You can choose the right solution for your lash discoloration. Either buy the best fake lashes in the market or get a natural eyelash extension.

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