Summer Lashes Tips

Summer Lashes Tips

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Summers are not the most favorite for the majority of us, right. It is just not the perfect season to nail our makeup looks. The irritating heat and sweat ruin the makeup we spent hours perfecting.

Even false eyelashes tend to feel uncomfortable when you wear them for a prolonged period in summers. They may not lose firm stickiness due to sweat or any other hindrance. We know that many of you cannot spend a day without your favorite eyelash tool.

So, are there some tips we can use to wear our lashes better in summer? Well, yes, we are going to talk about them in the article below. Stick on!

Tips For Wearing False Eyelashes In Summer

We have compiled some of the most useful tips for our lovely readers! Use them and achieve the perfect false lash look you have wanted for so long but could not because of the summers!

1.   Try To Stay Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight will harm the quality of your false lashes. The U.V rays coming out of the sun can damage the durability and overall life of your lashes.

In addition, it can relax the curls on your false lashes, thus totally ruining the glamorous look. Therefore, it would be best to keep the false lashes away from direct sun exposure to avoid losing their charm.

2.   Avoid Direct Heat

Summer means fun BBQ and grilling bights with your friends and family or a good campfire day to enjoy the season. However, if you are wearing false eyelashes, you need to stay away from direct sources of fire.

Do not go too close to the grill, or you may damage your falsies in doing so. Even standing directly over the heat will not do any good to those lashes. Extremely high temperatures can singe your perfect pair of falsies.

3.   Swimming With False Lashes

This is another activity, which we all love to do in the summer. Swimming is my favorite summer sport. That is why we will not stop you from enjoying one of the best parts of summer.

All you have to do is follow some easy steps to protect your lashes. Wherever you are swimming, be it a lake, swimming pool, or the ocean, remember to rinse your falsies with fresh water once you are done.

Gently pat or comb the lashes to dry them off completely. Chlorine and salt can affect the quality and durability of your false eyelashes. Also, it can interfere with the lash retention time, and your lashes may fall off.

4.   Keep Lashes Safe From Sweat

Sweat is another outcome of summers, which we all hate! Sweat on your lash line can reduce the retention time of your lashes, and they may lose a firm grip on the lash line.

The natural oils in the sweat may not be suitable for the life of your lashes. What can you do to keep them safe? Simple! Use a towel to keep your lash line dry, or wear a sweatband when going to the gym. If there is excessive sweat, rinse the false lashes with freshwater post-activity and let them dry nicely.

In addition, try to carry a tissue with you whenever you head out and pat your lash line repeatedly to keep the sweat away from your lashes.

5.   Clean Your Falsies

It would be best if you kept your false eyelashes clean. Rinse your lashes well with fresh water, whether you are back from an adventurous outdoor trip or just a hectic day spent outdoors. Let the water pass between the lash hairs for a thorough cleaning. Make sure to dry them properly after the wash.

Exposure to dirt and dust in the environment can negatively affect the lashes and diminish their quality and attractiveness. Using this tip will keep your falsies fresh and gorgeous, perfect for another use.

6.   Prevent Spray Tanning On Your Lashes

You may decide to go for a spray tan since it’s summer, the perfect season to get a tan, no? Do not worry about your lashes; we know you want to keep them protected.

Avoid getting a spray tan on your face to keep your lashes safe. However, if you want a face tan, then remember to wear your goggles before going in to make sure it does not affect your falsies in any way.

The Best False Lashes For Summers

We have a place where you can find some high-quality false lashes to rock that summer look for all the false eyelash lovers. You should head over to Appearanz now because the wide variety of gorgeous falsies and eyelashes tools will leave you awestruck.


The Warm Breeze false eyelash is the perfect choice for all of you who love the color brown. Made with one of the best eyelash materials, faux mink, this product will stay by your side for a long period.

They are designed to feel light and super comfy on your lash line so that you can wear them all day long without any worries!

It comes with a flexible band that will sit heavenly on your lash line, creating a dazzling outlook.


Tequila Sunrise is another awesome false eyelash to go in your collection. The V-shape cluster style of these attractive eyelashes is the one to go for. It will complement your eyes nicely, enhancing the overall makeup look.

If you are looking for a cat-eye finish, then this is definitely your product, as the varying lengths of the lash hair suits perfectly for that look.


If you are involved in acting and theatre, you would surely want to look at this eyelash. The Wild Lavender is a purple false eyelash meant to produce a very distinguished look. With catchy volume and color, these will set a bold trend that will attract everybody’s attention.

Bottom Line

False eyelashes are essential eyelashes tools we need to complete our makeup look. These enhance the beauty around your eyes, giving you a fuller look. Let us know which tip seems the most useful to you!

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