Can We Use Same False Eyelashes More Than Once?

Can We Use Same False Eyelashes More Than Once?

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False lashes are an easy and simple way to enhance your natural lash line instantly, whenever you want. They not only allow you to have versatile, trendy, over-the-top fringes but a cut-down budget too. Once you spend on a good pair of eyelashes you can use them several times. They can be used as long as you want if buy a good quality lash set and take good care of them.

The reusability factor of false lashes allows you to have a collection of several pairs to wear on different occasions, without spending much.  You can experiment with looks to choose the best suitable style for you. For taking full advantage you have to take few factors into consideration when buying false lashes.

How many times false lashes can be used?

It’s a question worth asking. False eyelashes are reusable. But how many times they can be used depends on several factors.

  • How are they made?          
  • The quality of adhesive to stick them
  • What type of lashes are they?  
  • How often they are used?
  • How they are catered?
  • How they are kept?

How are they made?

False eyelashes are made of different materials and qualities. Their reusability depends on their material, manufacturing, and style. If they are inexpensive, the manufacturer may have used lower-quality material that will not last long.


A variety of materials are available in the market. Natural, manmade, and synthetic.

  • Natural

Natural lashes are made of human, mink, fox, or sable hair. They have a fabric band that is easy to apply and remove. You are lucky you can apply them more than 20 times, only if you handle them with the right care and you haven’t coated them with mascara.

  • Man-made or Faux lashes

Faux lashes worth spending your money.  These are made from high-quality man-made materials like PBT. They mimic natural lashes. Faux mink and faux silk lashes are the most popular and reusable products in the lash industry. The top brands claim to use their false lashes 20 to 30 times if taken good care of. Buy APPEARANZ ultra-soft, high quality, upto25 time reusable pairs of faux mink and silk lashes.

Low-quality Synthetic lashes

Synthetic lashes are cheap and easily available at any drugstore. They are made of low-quality plastic fiber. These lashes are thicker and have stiffer bands. Usually, these low-quality lashes are not reliable as they can pinch eye skin. The stiff hard band can break up while wearing twice or thrice. You can use them again if handle carefully. An estimated number of its reusability is 5 times.

Quality of lashes

There is a disparity in the quality of fake lashes. A high-end lash of a good brand comes with the brand promise. The brand cares for its quality and good reputation in the market. They usually claim guaranteed reusability. A cheap drugstore lash may be worn more than once but they won’t last as long as a good quality brand.

Band size

Thick bands are durable and tend to last longer than thin ones. However thick bands take time to adjust while applying.

Lash style

Heavy, long, embellished, and feathered lashes have a relatively shorter life span. If they are not worn so often, on certain occasions with good care they may bear few applications.

The quality of adhesive

Using a low-quality adhesive can ruin your false lashes as well as your eyes. Buy a good fume-free quick-setting glue to save your lashes. Bad glue can be cumbersome while applying and removing from the lash band.

What type of lashes are they?

False eyelashes have different types. You have strip lashes, clusters, individual lashes, half lashes, thick band, self-adhesive and magnetic lashes to apply at home.

  • Individual lashes

Individual lashes are prone to slough out once you applied them. It’s hard to reuse or preserve them.  

  • Clusters or flares

Clusters’ lashes may sustain only if they are used carefully. To reuse them it is essential to use very good quality lashes and glue. If they don’t fall out on their own they can be preserved but not for longer use.

  • Strip lashes

Strip lashes are considered the most durable and reusable of all types. Many manufacturers guaranty to use them more than 15 to 20 times.

  • Self-adhesive strip lashes

They come with self-adhesive lash bands. Such lashes are disposable and cannot be used several times. In case they survive, you can hardly wear them one more time.

  • Magnetic lashes

They are on top of the reusability chart. You can use them more than 50 times. It’s unbelievably true. Being glue-less, they are easy to apply, remove, and clean. This ease of use makes them the most reusable product in the lash market. APPEARANZ Magnetic lashes they’re totally traction-alopecia-friendly products. with proper care they are reusable up to 35 times.

How often they are used?

The life of false lashes counts on how often they are worn. False lashes allow the user to switch from one style to another. Daytime, or nighttime, festival or a celebration, work or holidays, there are plenty of events to wear different styles. Lash cravers have a whole range to create a separate collection of false lashes like their clothes and shoes.

Daily use can cause wear and tear, making them useless soon. Occasional use may help them stay long and reusable.

How they are catered?

The reusability of fake lashes depends upon how they are catered. Wrong application and removal can destroy them the day you wear them. If you are gentle while applying and removing them you can use them more than 15 times, without replacing them.

Some pro tips to use them

  • Keep them in their original casing.
  • Don’t apply mascara on them; instead, apply mascara on natural lashes to give an extra blow.
  • Don’t rip off them, gently break down the glue with eye makeup remover, and then take them off slowly from one corner to another.
  • Lashes can lose their curl and shape, over the time. Keep them in cool dry place, preventing from excessive heat, humidity and direct sunlight.

How they are kept?

You can reuse them only if you keep them safe. False eyelashes need proper cleansing steps after every use. There are few simple steps to follow that can increase the life span of your precious falsies.

  • Always pick them with clean hands.
  • Keep their casing clean.
  • After removing, clean off all the glue residuals gently without tearing them off. Use salon-quality tweezers to pull off the adhesive from the band. If the glue is stubborn, use an eye makeup remover (preferably oil-free) and break it down. Remove it just like you take off them from your eyelid.
  • Clean off any makeup that has stuck on lash strands. Especially if you have put on mascara on them clean them with the cotton swab soaked in eye makeup remover. Gently wipe it over lashes hair to remove mascara, dirt, makeup, and excess oil on them.
  • If you have mink lashes don’t apply makeup remover instead brush off residuals with soft hands.
  • For synthetics, you can even use a cotton swab soaked in plain water.
  • Leave them on a paper towel to air dry.
  • After drying lay them in the clean packaging they came in. it will help them retain their original shape.

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