Summer Lashes Tips

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 606 total views Summers are not the most favorite for the majority of us, right. It is just not the perfect season to nail our makeup looks. The irritating heat and sweat ruin the makeup we spent hours perfecting. Even false eyelashes tend to feel uncomfortable when you wear them for a prolonged period in summers. They may not lose firm […]

Is It Possible To Sleep While Wearing False Eyelashes?

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 533 total views False eyelashes are the perfect makeup accessory to give a brand new look to your natural lashes. They strengthen the appeal of your lashes by thickening and adding volume. The overall effect? You get long, beautiful eyelashes that will grab all the attention in a gathering. Everybody loves wearing false eyelashes; however, the question is, can you sleep […]

Understanding Your Lash Growth Cycle

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 727 total views For many years, lengthy, thick, and darkish lashes symbolize splendor, femininity, and fertility in many cultures. In the Bronze Age, girls around the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and the Mediterranean used kohl. It contained either antimony sulfide or lead sulfide to contour and darken the rims of the eyelid. Like human hair, every lash comprises of […]