Is It Possible To Sleep While Wearing False Eyelashes?

Is It Possible To Sleep While Wearing False Eyelashes?

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False eyelashes are the perfect makeup accessory to give a brand new look to your natural lashes. They strengthen the appeal of your lashes by thickening and adding volume. The overall effect? You get long, beautiful eyelashes that will grab all the attention in a gathering.

Everybody loves wearing false eyelashes; however, the question is, can you sleep while wearing false eyelashes? Well, let us find the answer in the article below.

Comfortably Removing False Lashes

Before we move on to the next part, it is vital for you to know the way for the safe removal of your false eyelashes. 

  1. Grasp the false eyelash nearest to the lash band, beginning in the center of the band. Slowly and gently try to pull it down.
  2. Now, hold the ends of the lash band and pull outward, removing the lash strip.

That is all. You have got your false lash removed in two simple and easy steps. If you put them back properly in their case, they will be suitable for a few uses as well.

Can You Sleep Wearing False Eyelashes?

We get your situation. A long day of work or an extra-funky night sent partying. You come home feeling tired, and your body wants nothing except to hit the bed straight away. In this case, you probably may not feel like removing your makeup and taking off the false eyelashes.

I am wondering if you can have a good night’s sleep without pulling the lashes off? Well, it is not advisable. Removing your false eyelashes before going to bed is important. Why is that? This is due to several reasons.

1.  Safety

If you do not take off your lashes at night, they may be damaged by coming in frequent contact with the pillow or your hair. The lashes may even rip if they tangle with your hair.

Plus, keeping them on overnight will cause dirt to accumulate in the lash hairs, which can cause eye irritation and problems. That is not all!

The adhesive chemicals used to stick the lashes on your lash line may cause skin problems if left for a prolonged period. So, you do not want to deal with that.

2.  Traction Alopecia

This is a very rare condition, and the chance of the disease happening to you is extremely low, but never zero. If you stay with the habit and do not remove false lashes before sleeping for several nights, your natural lashes will be at significant risk.

In Traction Alopecia, the hair follicle of your lashes is constantly pulled, which causes the real lash hair to fall out. They may never grow back again!

Since fake lashes are heavier than real lashes, they exert a continuous pull at your real lashes. The glues and adhesives you use to stick on falsies are also adding unnecessary weight.

Hence, you should not wear false eyelashes for long days and remove them once you are back in the comfort of your room.

3.  False Lashes Get Damaged

Because the lashes come in contact with the pillow several times while you are sleeping, the rubbing causes a great deal of damage to your falsies.

Pulling and tugging at false eyelashes can rip them off and make the edges rough and ugly. They may even develop curls that are impossible to bring back to their original shape. Moreover, the rubbing causes the lash fibers to fall out from the lash band, leaving behind unappealing spaces in your eyelash set. 

Therefore, to protect your falsies from such irreversible damage, you should remove them before hitting the bed. This way, you can use your false eyelashes for up to several uses.

4.  Germ Attack

Think about it. You wear your false eyelashes for a whole day, and then you decide to sleep in them too.

Meanwhile, you had a tough day with a lot of outdoor exposure. All the heat, dust, and interaction with other people must have made your false eyelashes full of germs. When you go to sleep, these germs will have a chance to cause an infection in the area surrounding your eyes.

Apart from that, when these come in contact with your bed and pillow, the lashes pick up more germs. If you can imagine, it’s basically a germ party, thus increasing your chances of acquiring an allergic reaction.

So, why let all these germs enjoy causing you pain when you can comfortably take the major source, the false eyelashes, off before sleeping.

What If I Cannot Take Them Off Before Sleeping?

Even though it is not recommended to sleep while wearing false eyelashes, we can give you some tips if there is no other option but to keep them on. There are specific measures you can take to prevent excessive damage to your eyes and false lashes.

·       Choose a Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase will not treat the false eyelashes very harshly whenever they rub against the case while you are sleeping. The silk material will minimize the tugging and pulling exerted on the lashes, thus keeping away damage. Also, silk is gentle on your skin.

·       Sleep On Your Back

Although this might be difficult for some people, this is another tip you can use while sleeping with your lashes. Sleeping on your back will highly reduce the rubbing and pulling of the falsies, allowing them to stay safe from rips.

·       Wear A Sleep Mask

The sleep mask is one of the best ways to prevent harm to your false eyelashes when sleeping. It will keep your eyelashes safe and hidden from the friction that occurs due to the contact with the pillowcase and bed. Latex sleep masks are free of allergens, hence protecting your eyes as well.

Bottom Line

So, this is all about whether you can sleep with your false eyelashes on or not. In case you are looking for some excellent quality false lashes, head over to Appearanz. A diverse collection of falsies is waiting for you!

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