The Best Fake Lashes for Small Eyes

The Best Fake Lashes for Small Eyes

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Lashes are one of those makeup tools that everybody loves to have. They enhance the volume and density of your real lashes to make them look more noticeable in the pictures.

False lashes are put over your real lashes so that they appear more natural and thicker. The shape of our eyes is one of the most significant factors to determine which pair of falsies would be perfect for us.

How To Determine Your Eye Shape

Knowing your eye shape is the key to nailing your eye extensions outlook.

However, how do you figure out what kind of eye shape you have? No worries, we will guide you, and with our help, you can comfortably figure out what type of eyes you have.

We will keep ruling out eye shapes as we move forward until you reach your perfect match. This is where you get a mirror.

  • Do you see a crease? If not, then you have monolid eyes. If yes, then keep reading on.
  • When you draw a line in the middle of your eyes, do the edges fall above or below this line? If above, you have upturned eyes. If it falls below, you have downturned eyes. But what if they fall on the line? Continue reading.
  • Can you see the crease if you face the mirror straight ahead? No? Your eyes are hooded. Yes? Let us head on to the next part.
  • In resting mode, do you see the whites of your eyes around the iris? If you can spot the whites all the time, then you have round eyes. If not, your eyes are almond-shaped.
  • To work out whether you have small eyes or not, compare them with the rest of your face and notice the size of your mouth and nose comparatively. If the features appear more prominent, then you have small eyes.

We have covered all the possible eye shapes in this guide. We hope that you now know what kind of eye shape you have so that we can guide you better regarding the lash extensions.

Lashes For Small Eyes

Different types of false eyelashes suit a particular eye and face shape. For example, there is a different kind of false eyelash for large eyes and a different one for small eyes. Each of these falsies has distinguished features to make them suitable for a specific eye shape.  

Eyelashes are one of the most useful makeup tools when it comes to applying makeup to small eyes. They not only increase the volume of your natural lashes but also makes your eyes appear larger than they usually are. Thus, you must pick the right pair of falsies.

Small Eyes

If you have small eyes, you should get a pair of lashes that has a short length. Do not worry because there are plenty of options to choose from according to your style and preferences.

  • Short Length – The shorter length will keep your eyes visible at all times and makes them look larger. Moreover, it would be best if you stayed away from longer and very thicker lashes because they can get in the way of your eyes and hide them even more. This will make your already small eyes appear even smaller, which may not impress the audience.
  • Multiple Layers – You can also go for falsies with multiple layers to enhance the volume around your eye shape. They will do their magic without interfering with the prettiness of your eyes.
  • Natural Wispy Falsies – Natural Wispy style falsies will look superb on small eyes. They come with more than one lair of strands to add volume as well as some length to your lashes. Wearing such eyelashes will elongate your small eyes.
  • Crisscross Pattern – Eyelashes with a crisscross pattern are another fantastic choice to wear with small eyes. They bring in volume and thickness to your real lashes without adding unnecessary length that will hide your small eyes. Therefore, a great pick, no?
  • Trim Down The Length – In addition, if you want false lashes to sit well with your small eyes, you can always trim down the length that favors your eye shape.

Just pick your favorite falsies and keep them on your lash line. Then, measure the length you need to get rid of. Remember to cut it down to two-thirds the size of your eye to get a nice length. You can now use the eye extensions on your small eyes and rock the outlook.

The Best Strip Lashes

In case you are wondering where to find a good pair of lashes for your small eyes, we have a place for you, Appearanz. Here, you can search through a wide variety of lashes and other makeup tools that you will absolutely be impressed with.

Let us check out some of the beautiful products this website has to offer for your eyelashes.

Purple Flower Lash

These unique Purple Flower Falsies will add a gorgeous amount of volume to your natural lashes. The medium-length lash hairs will go nicely with small eyes. With a soft lash band, you can wear them comfortably for as long as you like. In addition, if you care for them properly, they can be reused up to 10 times. Such a great pair of lashes!


On Point Eye Lash

The On Point lashes are seamless for small eyes. The vivid pattern makes the eye shape look larger and more visible to give you a gorgeous lash look.

Warm Breeze 

Queen A Lash

Made with 7D layered silk material, the Queen A are royalty lashes. Perfect for small eyes, these lashes add an incredible length to your real lashes, thus intensifying the glam. They are fully handcrafted and are waterproof. Thanks to these features, you can use them around 25 times with the proper maintenance.


Flower Garden Lash

These fully handcrafted lashes will win your heart. The Flower Garden 3D faux mink lashes are reusable for up to 10 wears. Plus, they are waterproof, so you can wash your face without worrying about damaging these falsies.

flower garden lashes

Good luck in picking the right lashes for your small eyes!

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