How to Glam up Your Old False Lashes at Home

How to Glam up Your Old False Lashes at Home

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Fake eyelashes are becoming a crowd favorite. Everywhere on social media hundreds of eye-catching glamorous falsies are floating. Heavy volumes, glowing glitters, rainbow colors, sparkling sequins, feathers, and many more trending glamorous lashes are all a rage. They are not just a festive thing now; daring beauty buffs are showcasing their love for falsies anytime anywhere online.

Instead of being envious let’s get into the game and change your natural fake lashes into customized glamorous pair. We care about your hard-earned money, so here we are to save your old lovely falsies and quite a bit of cash.

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Candy glitter Lashes

Glitter false lashes instantly raise the game of glam. Inspiring shiny colors transform your look from drab to fab. You can revive your old long fake lashes; or restyle a new set by gluing some cosmetic glitters on them at home.

How to apply

It’s super easy. You’d need cosmetic glitter, any color, and size you love, Cosmetic glue, or transparent lash adhesive. A makeup brush,

  • Stick your falsies to a plain surface.
  • Apply glue with the help of a makeup brush. You can either add glitter to the lash band only or on the lash strands.
  • Don’t wait to get it tacky. When they are still wet, sprinkle glitter on the lash, dip an eyeshade brush in glitter and tap it on the lashes, or directly dip lashes into the glitter. Use the way you are comfortable with.
  • If you are applying glitter to lashes with a brush or sprinkling it. Don’t forget to apply on the other side. This way with open and closed eyes you can show off your glam.
  • If your find your lashes clumping, use a pin to separate lashes.
  • Let them dry, brush off extra glitter. You can repeat the process if you want more fluff on lashes.
  • Set the glitter by spraying hair spray to avoid shedding it on your face.

Spice up them with sequins

Another way to jazz up your old falsies is to add sequins or confetti on them. Sequins & confetti are chunky; they can be stuck on lashes. Or you can add them to glittered, colored, or feathered falsies. Either way, they look incredibly fabulous.

How to apply sequences

  • Place the lashes on a plain surface.
  • You won’t need to dip or brush lashes with glue. Apply lash glue to the back of a sequence.
  • Hold it with the help of tweezers and dab down on the lash where you want to stick it.
  • Hold for a few seconds and get the sequence set well.
  • Place them in a straight line near the lash line or create a spread on lash tips. in whatever so ever way they are going to shine like a galaxy of stars.

Electrify them with a wash of color

Whatever color, the material they have you can color them yourself. Any imaginable color, blue, purple, even neon and rainbow, create an iteration of your own choice.

Use your eye shadow palette, colored mascara, or colored individual lashes to add colors to old false lashes.

How to use eye shadow to color old false lashes

Place your lashes on a plain surface.

  • Apply an eyelash primer to lashes and pat your favorite eye shadow onto lashes. Now completely cover the natural shade of lashes. After covering one side, switch to the other and repeat the process.
  • Use an eye shadow base, a concealer (something that is white to conceal the black color as much as possible) turns over the side, repeat the procedure on the other side as well.
  • Choose your favorite color from the eye shadow palette. Grab a good amount onto the brush and start patting on lashes. Keep on patting color until it’s completely saturated. Flip over and cover up the backside.
  • The third option is to add some bright-colored individual lashes to your old false lashes. With the colorful attractive pattern, you will get extra volume and drama.

Here you go with vibrant fake lashes to match your outfit.

When it comes to colorful lashes, no one can beat APPEARANZ colored faux mink false lash range. Extravagant hues to brighten up your eyes, with exceptional volumes and lengths. Buy one or get a few for non-stop glamorized looks.

colored lashes

Spark up with stones

Rhinestones studded lashes are overflowing on feeds and runways. Why not catch up with this fashion vibe at home. Choose some lightweight stones beads, body jewels, or manicure accessories. Iron-on fabric stones can be used as they are lightweight. Swarovski crystals are also applied, but they are a little expensive. Use your aesthetic and creative abilities to rejuvenate your natural fake lashes.

Many of these may come with adhesive but it’s advised to use lash glue. Lash glue is safe for your eyes. Always use clear lash glue to make end results flawless.

How to apply

  • Stones are a bit heavier than glitters, confetti, or sequins, it is preferably better to use thick volumized long fake lashes as they will be able to hold the weight of stones.
  • Place falsies on a plain surface.
  • Apply clear lash glue to a stone; pick it up with the help of tweezers.
  • Place it where you want to. Again it’s your preference what pattern you want to create.
  • Wait for the glue to dry. It may take some time.
  • Don’t touch or nudge it otherwise, the stone may fall off or slip away.

Oldies are now glodies, enjoy your new sparkling fake lashes.

Feather Up your falsies

Your old thick, long fake lashes need a feather touch-up if you want a gorgeous uplift. Make them look stunning with colorful, wispy, fluffy, or peacock feathers.

Feathers you select for lashes should have a very thin stem and be lightweight. If they are a little big or wide, cut them apart. Thin lean feathers will look balanced on lashes and you will be comfortable while wearing them.

How to apply

  • After getting feathers into shape.
  • Put on clear lash glue in the base of lashes (between the lash band and lash roots) where you want to set the feather.
  • Wait to get it tacky. Now place the feather on tacky glue. Don’t glue on the feathers completely on the strip as it can hurt your eyes.
  • Let it dry.
  • There you go! Super snazzy, party falsies are ready to be worn.

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Take Away

There are hundreds of ways to recreate a style from old natural fake lashes. Buying an expensive pair is not necessary. You just need to be creative and daring to improvise plain regular falsies. Customizing false lashes is easy whether you want a full volume, or add some glitter of your favorite color. You desire happening color or shiny rhinestones; it’s in your hand.

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