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Facts About Decal lashes That’ll Make You Fall in Love

Facts About Decal lashes That’ll Make You Fall in Love

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If you already are a trendsetter, take note of an upcoming beauty trend “Amazing lashes with decals” These gorgeous-looking false eyelashes have tiny decals stuck on them. The miniature fun objects are adorable and full of life. Decal lashes are hot cakes in the market ready to buzz around social media feeds. Like other fun lash styles, they are about to become festive-favorite lashes.

Being a newborn in the lash market you might not be familiar with, how interesting these fun lashes are. We are here to share some surprising facts about decal lashes; you’ll surely fall in love with this dramatic fun in two minutes.

They are the boredom breaker

The stylists in the beauty world seek newness and intriguing accessories, we don’t claim this fact! Recent search trends of various lash brands and online lash accessory stores are showing the rising statistics. Lash lovers are interested in making their looks viral wearing unique pair of lashes.

Lashes with decals are super fit accessories for all those. In the world of flower crowns, bandanas, feathered lashes, colored mascaras, the unique decal lashes are the true boredom breaker.  We believe they will take over next festive season, without any doubt.

Decal lashes are a double treat

With fun factor, they are the regular false lashes. Isn’t it amazing? They are applied, worn, and removed just like regular falsies. No special adhesive is needed to stick them on the eyes. You can clean store and reuse them like your favorite set of fake lashes.

Enjoy the double treat, lovely icons with luscious lashes. Decal lashes are addictive; soon you’ll find yourself flirting with extravagant styles.

Buy your favorite style

You adore lengths, volumes, dense, or patterned lashes. Honor your own style with decal lashes. Decal lashes have all your favorite styles with added glamour. From sky-high to extreme wispy, long-short strand pattern to small bunch patterns, fully dense to scattered, you have every pattern to flaunt your eyes.

There is the liberty to match a pair with every eye shape and size. The bold eyelash addition has a lot to offer, there is no limit to defining your own unique style.

Not one-time use like other fun lashes

All the fun lashes till date, feathered lashes, false lashes with rhinestone, disco glittered bands, tend to spoil in first use. They are extremely delicate and tear down soon. Sometimes the embellishments lose their luster and stones after using them once.

Wear your APPEARANZ decal lashes multiple times without fearing wear and tear. They are made of faux mink material with a durable lash band. It will give super fit and 10-time reusability. Decals will never fade out even after several wears. The only condition is to take good care of them, they will never disappoint you.

A whole slew of creative options

Decal lashes have countless styles to satisfy your aesthetic aspiration. What about the creative quench? Decal lashes have an extraordinary slew of creative options. You can switch from one OTT creative theme to another. Decal fun is for every occasion and for every experimental look.

Halloween scary night-out looks, chilling winter bonfire, spring floral galas, summer beach parties, every season has many appropriate delicate decal stickers for striking lash display.

Decal lashes have a number of fruity fun lashes, smilies, and jigsaw puzzle-inspired lashes to give you an array of ideas to get ready for your selfie game.

Create some influential makeup looks, spice them up with decal lashes, take selfies, post them and let the likes roll in! Expect a long list of comments and many would surely ask where you get them from?

Isn’t it enough to fall in love?

Match for every dress code

We have more to disclose…….Looking for something more sensational?

They definitely are not for Monday morning errands. There is a proper time and style to wear decal lashes. Fortunately, there is a pair to match various dress codes, costume parties, and national holiday-themed photo shoots.

Garden themes; tiny little flowers, butterflies, and colorful leaves.  All are there to match your floral-themed outfits, costumes, or spring-themed parties.

lashes with decals

Halloween characters dress codes; Batman, spider, Black cat, devil pumpkin, or haunting ghost. They are just some Halloween-themed decals you can match to your costume for added creativity.

Christmas parties; when wearing a red Santa clause dress you might want a little attention to your eyes. Decal Christmas fun lashes are a remarkable Christmas lash style to grab all the attention.

Christmas lashes

Celestial themes; is one of the most viral themes on social media. Lashes with decals have many celestial icons to complement your universe-inspired dress code. Some sparkly ethereal rainbow stars, neon stars. Or match your alien dress with adorable Alien decals lashes. The mysterious planet is great to pay homage to universal objects.

smile lashes

Affordable in the long run

They are super affordable when it comes to price and reusability. As long as you handle them with care, clean them after use, store them properly, you’ll be able to wear them up to 10 times. When you do the math; 10-time use, super glam looks, and a pair for every occasion, decal lashes are worth the price.

They are not going to harm your lashes

With all the dramatic excitement you can’t understate the health of natural eyelashes. Even having decals on lashes decal false lashes are exceptionally lightweight. Decal stickers are feather-like light and will never weigh heavy on eyes.

APPEARANZ has it all, big fluffy, dramatic decal lashes of supreme quality. Various inspiring creative figures and shapes will overwhelm you; it would be hard to choose one. Go for a few entertaining false lashes with decals and fall in love forever.

Take Away

Falling in love with decal lashes is irresistible now! Creative fun lashes were not as versatile as decal lashes. With one pair of lashes, you can enjoy a regular lash look and an inspiring iconic fun miniature. If you are into drama, all you need is to experiment with the new lash trend, be the first one to fill up your Instagram feeds with record-breaking lash looks. You might be thinking about how further the trend will go….. Rest a sure it’s there for all times because there are never-ending icons and lash styles to glam up all eyes.

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