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Celebrate Holidays with Decal Fun Lashes

Celebrate Holidays with Decal Fun Lashes

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Holidays are on the air, you can smell the jolly festivities, giggles, and laughter. Everyone is getting ready to embrace festive fun looks to celebrate evenings with their loved being. You might be planning to buy gifts, getting ready for social media presence, and friends’ night outs. There is a chance you are an influencer and looking for some unique creative ideas to go viral. Is there a costume party you are invited to? Or do you love to go crazy with striking looks? Craving to have luxurious and theatrical variety?

Whatever yonder you are from, we’ve got you a pair of fun decal lashes for every reason you look for.

Brighten up your eyes – Wear Decal Lashes

Throughout the year you are trapped in 9 to 5 work hassle, house course, and traffic jams. You kept on wearing dress codes, routine nude makeup, and natural falsies. Holidays are to have the luxury time to express you out. Give your looks a crazy boost with decal falsies by APPEARANZ. It will bring a gust of newness to your stale everyday looks.

You will have plenty of time to create a special sparkly makeup look and apply false decal lashes to have some holiday eye fun.

Go Glitzy with APPEARANZ.s Sparkle Stars | 3D Faux Mink Lash when going out with friends for a fun celebrative night. Or get a subtle tempting flowery look for colorful family lunch with APPEARANZ’s Purple Flower | 3D Faux Mink Lash

Glam Gifts – the decal faux lashes

Beauty junkies, who never leave the house without faux lashes are obsessed to find a new pair of lashes they have had never before. Decal lashes have an entire spectrum of festive finds that will motivate you to buy a pair for your falsie enthusiast friends.

Surprise your lash lovers or yourself; gift a few special themed, eye-catching decal lash strips before the season ends. These reusable fancy falsies are a gift that keeps giving.

APPEARANZ’s Fluttering Butterfly | 3D Faux Mink Lash is one ravishing pair that any eyelash aficionado would appreciate. This pretty fluttering voluminous lash looks entirely fun-filled and attractive.

Show your love and bring up a smile to your most discerning friend’s face, gift her APPEARANZ’s Smiley | 3D Faux Mink Lash, after-care serum, mascara, and a lash tool kit packed in delightful gift packaging. Three tiny smile decals will give a warm welcoming feeling when she is a guest at your place.

Get noticed on social media photo

Social media visual feeds cannot be understated. We are hooked on watching unique makeup looks photos and follow the most creative ones. Make-up fun photos are everywhere from Insta-stories and IGTV to Facebook. It’s high time to get noticed by creating an inspiring look wearing decal lashes.

Decal lashes are your weapon to throw out the ultimate seductive vibes this season. Other than tiny stick-on miniature they are super fluttery, volumized, and sky-high. The nice sheen looks super attractive in the photos and videos.

Our suggestion would be the star-Gal look with this mesmerizing APPEARANZ’s Mysterious Planet | 3D Faux Mink Lash. It has tiny celestials’ icons – planet Saturn. Just as Saturn is unique among the planets, having a beautiful ringlet around it. This sassy decal lash is one of its kind with a spectacular golden planet shining through long dark lashes.

Party vibes – lashes with Decals

Party vibes are incomplete without astounding falsies. A few pairs of these decorative false lashes will inject an extra glamour to your hot winter-colored dresses. Whether it’s red, black, burnt coral, pastel aqua, or mustard wine, decal lashes have several hot hues to match with your favs.

Look at this to-die-for set of decal lashes. APPEARANZ’s Red Butterfly | 3D Faux Mink Lash. Dare to handle these seductive lashes. Pair it with some super eccentric glitzy gold eye shadows and your LBD when heading to a cocktail. They are sure to get you high party vibes.

Pair this Fiery, burgundy red APPEARANZ’s Maple Leaf | 3D Faux Mink Lash with honey yellow mustard wine, or coral orange cute mini sequins dress on a New year’s Eve Bash.

Create a tutorial Video­­­- register your presence

 Hundreds of makeup application videos are viral on social media. It’s pretty amazing that we can learn from the biggest artist and influencers their best tips and tricks.  If you are pro at applying false lashes, show your skillset to the world. Give people a glimpse into your vanity full of astounding Decal false lashes and show them how they can play with looks.

It will be fun and you can engage interact with thousands of followers. We bet with this new innovative set of lashes other makeup artists will eagerly scoop out what you are doing.

Give them a taste of your fav style or trust our choice

Use this amazing colorful APPEARANZ’s Jigsaw Puzzle | 3D Faux Mink Lash. And show how easy it is to apply. How stunning their volumized fluttery lash hairs are. The supper comfortable weightless lashes are reusable so be ready to wear them again and again.

Switch attention from dress to decal

The holiday season is about investing in your favorite fashion stuff. Everyone wants to look at their best; here is your chance to stand out. Give your friends the reason to switch attention from dress to Lashes with decal. They are an outfit themselves. Incredibly fierce volumes and captivating lengths, with bold, fun stickers will make you feel flirty and party-ready even in the most modest simple dress.

Pink Snowflake | 3D Faux Mink Lash – Look at it, isn’t it pretty.  Surprisingly beautiful winter butterflies- snowflakes are attached to exotic lashes. Clusters of lashes are placed where they are needed to create depth and dimension.

Take Away

We are sure after reading such motivating suggestions you are on your heels to buy these jolly good, lively decal lashes. They are just a click away, visit APPEARANZ  to buy a lash gift or adorn your ash collection. You have plenty of time to play with these perky lashes with decals.

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