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How to Choose Hand-Made Faux Mink Eyelashes

How to Choose Hand-Made Faux Mink Eyelashes

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Hand-made faux mink lashes are one of the most realistic pairs of natural fake lashes you can get your hands on. Every makeup lover craves something that would appear very natural with their outlook, and nobody would be able to guess the difference between the real and false.

Faux mink eyelashes are as real as you can get. With them, you can enhance the charm around your eyes without even putting in much effort.

What Are Faux Mink Eyelashes?

Unlike natural lashes, faux mink lashes are made from man-made fibers that mimic the look and feel of a real mink’s hair. Faux mink has a very smooth and soft texture, making it the perfect material for eyelashes.

Moreover, it is pretty lightweight as well to go super easy on your lash line. You can wear these for prolonged hours without feeling even a knack for pain. Amazing, no?

Hand-made faux mink eyelashes are created from exceptional quality and care. Each fiber is put in place with utmost attention to make sure that you get the best looks when you wear them to a gathering.

Things To Consider Before Picking Your Pair Of Hand-made Faux Mink Eyelashes

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Now that you have got a bit of introduction to what faux mink eyelashes are, let us tell you how to choose the best ones to up your makeup game.

Let’s head on without any further ado!

1.   Select the right color

Faux mink eyelashes are available in various colors, such as black, brown, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, and a lot more. You have to pick the color that best matches the color of your eyes. If you are buying for a special event, such as a drama or cosplay, you are free to pick whatever color suits your character.

Lashes with decals are also an excellent option for cosplay characters or a unique Halloween look.

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2.   Choose a suitable curl

Fake eyelashes come with a curl option as well. There are J-Curl and C-Curl eyelashes that makeup lovers around the world widely use.

J-curl lashes have a sweet and natural look that will subtly give your falsies a glorious aura.

On the other hand, the C-curl lashes are used for a more advanced and aesthetic look, for example, doe eye, cat eye, or a very appealing look. With hand-made C-curl faux mink eyelashes, you can achieve the look you desire smoothly and gorgeously.

Apart from this, it would be best if you choose a curl that would not look odd with your eye shape and size. Therefore, to make sure of that, you can try pre-applying them onto your lash line without the lash glue to check if they suit your eye.

3.   Long-lasting

Before making your final decision, you need to ensure that the mink lashes you are purchasing come with a reusable feature. With a good pair of hand-made faux mink eyelashes, you can say goodbye to buying falsies for some time.

If taken proper care of, these falsies can last up to 20 uses. You just have to ensure that you clean them nicely and store them properly after each use. This way, you can use your favorite natural fake lashes for a long time and can save your hard-earned money from unnecessary spending.

4.   Length/Shape & Size of your eyes

This is another important factor you need to consider. The length of eyelash hair you want to buy depends on the shape and size of your eyes.

  • For instance, if you have almond eyes, then you should go with full and round eyelashes. They will complement your features well.
  • Short and clear eyelashes are the best pick for those with hooded eyes. If you go for longer eyelashes, they will cover your eyes, not creating a beautiful outlook. Thus, aim for shorter faux mink eyelashes.
  • Those with large and open eyes should go with long and full eyelashes to intensify their glamorous look. Longer lashes will make your large eyes appear smaller to produce a vivid look that will surely turn all the heads towards you.
  • Short eyelashes would work the best with monolid eyes, as they will not entirely cover your eye shape. Consequently, you will look pretty and unique.

In addition, you can also get a pair of eyelashes you like and trim them according to your requirements. Keep the lash on your lash line and measure the right length that would look the best on your eye type. Then, cut the lash hair evenly. That’s it. You’re ready to rock your appearance!

5.   The Material

Since we are talking about the handmade faux mink eyelashes, you should get ones too. Faux mink lashes come with a very realistic look that will leave viewers in awe of their beauty.

Plus, it is one of the best fake lashes available out there, so it’s better not to miss on them.

Good-quality handmade faux mink lashes would have a fantastic amount of strength and durability. In addition, they can last for up to several uses if you provide the necessary care.

Choosing the right handmade faux mink lashes is not a difficult chore, and you can get it done within no time. Just look for an actual quality product!

The Best Faux Mink Lashes At Appearanz

Now that the learning part is over let us head onto the real talk. Where can you find the best fake lashes for your eyes? Easy answer, Appearanz!

With a wide variety of handmade faux mink lashes, Appearanz has a product for all your needs. Crafted cautiously with the best materials, these mink lashes will not disappoint you in terms of quality.

A wide collection of interesting products is waiting for you, from colored fake lashes to faux mink lashes with decals. So what are you waiting for? Go and check out this awesome store now.

That was it for this blog. Let us know which type of handmade faux mink eyelash is your favorite.

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