Will You Lose Eyelashes After Chemo?

Will You Lose Eyelashes After Chemo?

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When you are going through chemotherapy, it is difficult enough to deal with the thought of losing your hair. And let alone hearing from your doctor that you could lose your eyelashes as well.

Yes, chemotherapy may cause you to lose your eyelashes.

Chemotherapy can result in hair loss all over the body, not only on the head. Eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit, and other body hair can fall out at any time. Certain chemotherapy medicines induce hair loss more than others, and differing dosages might result in anything from thinning to total baldness.

Chemotherapy, among many other things, causes every hair on the body to fall out, as we all know. The far more critical element is hair loss on our heads, not only on top of our heads. People also lose their eyelashes, which is unfortunate.

How Likely Is That Chemo Will Cause Your Eyelashes To Fall Out?

A Complete Guide
It all depends on the kind of chemotherapy you are getting. If your therapy causes severe or complete hair loss, you will likely lose your eyelashes as well.
Though this isn’t always the case. They thin out in some instances, some lose a few, yet others temporarily lose all of their eyelashes.

What Are The Consequences Of Losing Your Eyelashes?

When you lose your eyelashes, you may notice that your eyes are easily irritated. If your eyes are red and itchy, ask your chemotherapy doctor for some look drops to help relieve the pain.

• Itching and discomfort are common side effects for some people. However, this feeling is just temporary and usually passes as soon as your eyelashes fall out. Pulling them out yourself, whatever you choose, will irritate your eyelid further.

• If your eyes are still sore or inflamed, the chemotherapy or other medicine may have dried your eyes and the skin around them. Anti-wrinkle creams typically include stimulating chemicals that might irritate your skin, so avoid them. Therefore, go for non-aggressive, gentle products that are free of preservatives.

Will Your Eyelashes Regrow?

The real kicker is that following chemo, eyelashes do grow back. The pace and rate of regrowth might vary according to the medicine used and the people themselves and their lash development cycle.
Certain people’s eyelashes grow back very quickly after receiving chemotherapy, while others take a little longer.
Some people lose their lashes completely, while others have some thinning down and go through various lash fallout and regrowth stages.

How Can I Use Make-up To Hide The Loss Of My Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are more challenging to draw than eyebrows. However, you may use make-up to enhance your eyes and “imitate” the bright line your eyelashes typically add around your eyes.

• Putting a dark line of eyeliner around your eyes is a common mistake. This appears quite harsh when you don’t have eyelashes and gives you hooded eyes rather than an open stare.

• If you need to use make-up to make expressive eyes, use a gentle technique and make a smokier eye with dark brown or dark grey eye shadow that you blend to precision with your fingertips. If your eyelashes are thin, this is also an excellent technique to create the appearance of volume.

Is Wearing False Eyelashes A Viable Option?

False eyelashes can be a good choice, but they require a certain amount of skill to apply appropriately. They can, however, be worn to a party or for a special event.

If your eyes are easily inflamed due to the chemotherapy and have dry, flaky skin, be cautious since the eyelash glue used to install false lashes may irritate them.

However, here are some guidelines for applying fake eyelashes with care:
• Trim the false lashes to a length that is near to that of your eyelid.
• Test some of the adhesive and remover solutions on your hand or arm before applying the eyelashes to see whether you get any soreness or an adverse response.
• Never go to bed with false lashes on.
• Always use clean hands to apply falsies and eye make-up to avoid spreading infections to your eyes.

Is Semi-permanent Make-up Or Lash Extensions A Good Option?

Before treatment begins, you might well be able to get semi-permanent make-up. Well! Before getting any semi-permanent make-up, it’s essential to have your doctor’s approval.

Once your treatment has begun, most doctors and cancer specialists will advise you against unnecessary procedures. They are usually worried about any illness or complication that might cause your cancer treatment to be delayed or postponed.

The natural method, on the other hand, is mentioned. The lashes on your eyes almost always grow back. It’s simply a matter of patience, and maybe some cases take a bit longer than others.

Consider the pros and cons of permanent make-up (such as a line along the edge of your eyelids). Wait till you’ve finished your chemo. The skin would be in better shape, and you will be able to assess what your eyelashes look like once they come back. The same may be said with eyelash extensions, eyelash coloring, and other similar procedures.


Wearing false lashes is a viable option, and fortunately, we have access to false eyelashes. The falsies come in a wide range of styles, lengths, and thicknesses. You might go for lashes that are identical to your own or attempt something entirely different.

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Bottom Line

Many people are lucky enough to win this struggle and recover their lives with today’s medical advances. This, however, does not go away without leaving a mark.

It is hard enough to lose hair on our heads, but hearing from a doctor that you would also lose your eyelashes may be much more difficult, especially for women.

Eyelashes are an essential characteristic for most people, especially females. They are used to frame the eyes and, like any hair, may affect a person’s self-image and self-esteem.

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