Do False Eyelashes Come in Different Colors

Do False Eyelashes Come in Different Colors

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False eyelashes are the makeup trend these days. If you are an active social media user, you must have come across celebrities and Instagram influencers using fake eyelashes in their pictures.

A good pair of false eyelashes will eliminate the need for heavy makeup if you go to a casual party or just a simple hangout with your friends. Wearing falsies is an excellent decision if you have short and uneven natural lashes. They add to the volume and thickness of your lashes, enhancing the overall gorgeous outlook of your eyes and face.

Is the question, do false eyelashes come in different colors?

Are There Different Colors Of False Eyelashes?

Yes! You can pick more than the traditional black and brown false eyelashes because there is an array of different colors available out there.

Colored falsies have been invented to cater to those makeup lovers who dare to go bold and unique with their looks. They are specifically useful for makeup and con artists who must play different characters and match their outlook.

If you want to dress up as a fictional character for your job, colored fake eyelashes would undoubtedly help you out with the resemblance.

Different colors of false eyelashes include;

Pick a color that you love the most!

How To Pick The Right Colored False Eyelashes?

There are various factors you would need to keep in mind before going to pick a colored falsie. Of course, you can get any random color you want if you just want to wear the lashes for yourself and make a bold statement. However, for other cases, we will guide you below.

Type of event

If you are planning to attend an event, then you should consider the theme of the gathering. If it is a very formal event with high-profile guests, we would recommend you not play bold and stick with the traditional brown and black false eyelashes to keep a good impression on the crowd.

On the other hand, if it is a funky event with your friends or family, then pick the color that goes best with your outfit. There is no shame in wearing colored fake eyelashes when you are just going out to have fun and party.

Your outfit

Obviously, you need to pair the color of your false eyelash with the outfit you decide to wear. For example, if you are going with blue clothes, then you need to pick an eyelash color that complements that. Making odd combinations might not work out great in your favor every time. So, remember to have a look at yourself in the mirror before heading out.

The kind of work

If you are a makeup artist, an actor, or a con artist, then false eyelashes must be one of the most essential makeup tools to you. If you are dressing up as a specific character, in that case, go for the colored falsies that allow you to look the most like your chosen character. Check their eyelash color, and then take your pick accordingly.

DIY Rainbow False Eyelashes

Rainbow-colored false eyelashes are the deal these days. You open Instagram, and you come across many famous people using fake rainbow eyelashes. They are easy to make, and even you can get your rainbow falsies with just a few makeup tools.

The Best Colored False Eyelashes

Your hunt for high-quality colored falsies is now over. We have a place in store for you where you can grab all your favorite pairs of colored false eyelashes. And the site is Appearanz.

With a wide variety of unique false eyelashes, the store has something for everybody. Wearing their false eyelashes will add marvelously to your style and overall look.

Let us briefly introduce you to some of the superb colored fake eyelashes pairs.


Matcha Latte is a green 3D faux mink false eyelash that will look amazing on you. Make a statement with this trendsetting pair of colored lashes that will not fail to impress the audience.

They are super comfortable to wear due to their lightweight, and you can wear them all day long without any pain. The lashes are perfect for multiple uses if you take good care of them. Get ready to achieve that bold makeup look with these falsies!


Hot Pink is another 3D false eyelash for those who love the brighter shade of colors. Each lash hair is crafted carefully to bring in fullness and volume to your real eyelashes. The attractive pink color would go nicely with darker color outfits.

You can use them up to 25 times because the quality is just outstanding and will not deteriorate anytime soon.


Sunflower, just as the name depicts, these colored lashes are as beautiful as a sunflower. This 3D eyelash comes with a medium length that will add a fantastic length to your eyelashes.

They are really soft and comfortable to wear. The Sunflower eyelashes are entirely handcrafted to ensure maximum precision and quality. Brilliant! Right?

In addition, these are also reusable, and you must keep them in a protected case to ensure their longevity and keep them safe from any damage.

Bottom Line

Now that you know all about colored false eyelashes, we wish you the best of luck in picking out the best false eyelash color for yourself. Remember to keep the pointers we told you about in your mind before making your final pick! Let us know in the comments which colored falsies are your favorite!

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